Warlock Unbound (Heart's Desire #4)

Warlock Unbound
Dana Marie Bell
Heart's Desire, book four
Published September 1st 2015 by Samhain Publishing
ISBN 1619231204

The last Beckett brother is going down.

If he had a choice, Daniel Beckett would wait to cast the Beckett family mating spell until his life is more settled. But his brothers, worried he’s losing himself to his wolf, aren’t giving it to him.

Daniel doesn’t need a spell to know Kerry Andrews is his mate. With the last of the Godwin warlocks still on the loose, Daniel crosses his fingers that the willful, stubborn, beautiful woman will allow him to protect her.

Kerry is tempted to make Daniel wait, like he’s made her wait for so long. But the decision is taken out of her hands when things start going horribly wrong. A sleeper hex is activated, putting her life in danger—and the only safe place to run is Daniel’s waiting arms.

Once there, Kerry finds a whole new world to explore with her magical mate. But Arthur Godwin is plotting to rip away their newfound happiness. Women who look like Kerry are turning up dead…and it’s only a matter of time before the killer’s weapon hits its intended prey.

Warning: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, a growly wizard and the woman who loves him.

I read book one, Shadow of the Wolf, of this series way back in February of 2010. I will say that it was easily the best of the series and although Heart's Desire ended well, I'm left disappointed. Chris and Lana started it all, and yet they are the most removed of all the couples in Warlock Unbound. This can be easily explained as, after all, they're not the focus of the book, but somehow Jo and Zachary got more page time than they did. And after their sequel, I was hoping for far less of Zach and Jo.

Garrett and Genevieve, as the reigning royal couple, appear casually throughout and their presence adds a necessary touch to the story. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of Jo and Zachary.

Meanwhile, the protagonists Kerry and Daniel remain at the heart of the book and keep everyone together while basically removing themselves whenever, and where ever possible, to consummate their bond. Over and over.

3 out of 5 stars.

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