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We all have one: an ever growing To Be Read list. Or pile. Or pit. Near the end of 2015, I had well over a hundred books on mine. A mild number compared to some others out there. But well, since I'm not the reader I used to be, it was rather evident that something needed to be done or those poor, beloved treasures would remain there, ever collecting both dust and shame. So I stacked them up, sorted them out, and purged my ashamed self of those books I just don't see myself ever getting to. My free time has become rather limited and the direction of my interests and imagination is no longer on a few of the genres I'd collected.

Below are the books that were cut from my TBR.

  1. Assassin's Honor by Monica Burns
  2. Bear Necessities by Dana Marie Bell
  3. Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare
  4. Death Most Definite by Trent Jamieson
  5. Tarnished Knight by Shiloh Walker
  6. Legacy Found by NJ Walters
  7. The Covenant by Evangeline Anderson
  8. Hidden in the Dark by Carly Fall
  9. Force of Nature by Kathi S Barton
  10. Force of the Dark Wolf by Kathi S Barton
  11. Gift of Magic by Lynn Kurland
  12. Dreamspinner by Lynn Kurland
  13. Hot in Handcuffs by Sylvia Day
  14. Mark of the Witch by Maggie Shayne
  15. Darkness Awakened by Elle Chardou
  16. The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra R Clarke
  17. Teasing the Wildcat by Mina Carter
  18. Taming the Wildcat by Mina Carter
  19. Seduced by Him by Elle Spencer
  20. The Threshold Child by Callie Kanno
  21. Aiden's Charity by Lora Leigh
  22. For the Love of a Greek God by Rosanna Leo
  23. Her Knight's Quest by Alexis Morgan
  24. Sing for the Undead by PJ Schnyder
  25. Legal Heat by Sarah Castille
  26. Finder's Keeper by Vivi Andrews
  27. Stripper by Anitra McLeod
  28. Runner by Anitra McLeod
  29. Overlord by Anitra McLeod

Still pending a decision

  1. Chain of Illusions by Boone Brux
  2. Death Defying by Nina Croft
  3. Dawnkeepers by Jessica Anderson
  4. Skykeepers by Jessica Anderson
  5. Demonkeepers by Jessica Anderson
  6. Blood Spells by Jessica Anderson
  7. Storm Kissed by Jessica Anderson
  8. Magic Unchained by Jessica Anderson


Neena said...

*snickers* Pit.. I can relate... heh..

Neena said...

Oh... the Jessica Andersen series... I don't recommend and others I know of don't recommend because the author got a wtf at the end of the series. But then there were some who liked the weird series sooo knowing you it's totally all your decision. XD