No Time for Reading....

...unless it's English subtitles on a kdrama!!

Seriously, one of the best out there, and my new absolute favorite, is Healer!

When I first found this while browsing the app on my phone, I skipped it over. The blurb really doesn't do it justice. Later, I clicked it again on the computer where trailers are available. I remember telling the DH that it had 30 seconds to win me over...

Two seconds later,

"I'm in!"

So, the story itself is slow to start but the actress playing Young Chin was absolutely adorable and won me over rather quickly. Then Healer (the character) stole the show and carried it home. My husband wasn't quite as enthralled as I was with this one (Goblin remains his number one, knocking Coffee Prince to his number two), but I was engrossed by this love story. And their first date was equally the saddest, most depressing setup, but altogether also the most beautifully epic date I've ever seen in a show. I watched a few episodes more than once. Bought the soundtrack. And would invest in a purchased copy of the series if it wasn't so damn expensive.

Other recent watches:

Goblin, the Great and Lonely God (5/5) - Amazing plot. The best actors/characters I've watched in a looong time. This is actually tied with Healer for my top favorite even though it lacked the endearing romance that Healer boasted.

The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days (3/5) - Great story, just a bit too drawn out in the middle.

When a Snail Falls in Love (4/5) - Good. Very good. Found this on Neenie's page.

Currently watching:

My Secret Romance - New to Dramafever. So far not bad.

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo - Convoluted with its many cast members, but still good. Love me an outcast prince.

Started, but paused:

I Hear Your Voice

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Neena said...

Maaaannnn, it took me more than a New York minute to get outta my head and see this...

Gurrrlll... (sorry for the drawn out words but if you heard me)

1. Personally, I just think DH like the actor Gong Yoo. Can say I don't blame him. GY is one of my favorite actors for different reasons than your DH. (Don't laugh.) He will be happy to know if he hasn't learned this already is that GY is in several action movies, one being a zombie movie that I once thought was an action adventure ride on a train TO Busan. Imagine my surprise when I discovered otherwise.

Gong Yoo is also in The Suspect which is on Dramafever which I don't use anymore.

2. I can't watch My Secret Romance, it slays me to see Sung Hoon kissing that chick. (feeling a tad growly)

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WATCHED WHEN A SNAIL FALLS IN LOVE!! The actors that play the main characters are my favorite couple and they star in 2 other dramas together AS a couple, Ode to Joy & 2. I left the drama in mid stride. THE SCRIPT WRITERS BUTCHERED MAH BOOK!!! And B, the book is goooooooooooooooddddddd... and getting grosser but even more good with it's insane plot!!! It's as gritty good as 'When he comes, close your eyes'. The drama version of that one is, 'Love me if you dare'. https://www.viki.com/tv/29266c-love-me-if-you-dare It has the actor from 'When a snail falls in love' in it, and it's in the same universe as the WTSFIL.

I could comment on but it would make for long a$$ comment for a blog. I hearts I Can Hear Your Voice for the villain for once. The actor who plays it really wigged me, and blew me away... I liked W over it, and THAT drama will mess with your head. But I think you would sooooo like it. ;)

Stopping now before the forehead hits the keys....

I'm probably saying all kinda stuff you already know about these dramas.

Ragan said...

OMG.. The kissing scenes in My Secret Romance made me gag so bad! I kept trying to figure out if it was the actor or the director that was the problem. By the end, I don't even know why I endured it all. It was okay to sit and watch... but overall, it was a really lame story. haha

We did watch Train to Busan awhile back... I hated the ending.


I'm watching Cinderella & The Four Knights now... while finishing up Scarlet Heart and continuing with Love in Trouble (aka Suspicious Partner, aka Watch Out For This Woman, aka Beware This Woman, aka Suspicious Romance). And can I just bitch for a moment about these damn shows having multiple titles. Oh my, damn!