The Fury

I may have been spoiled a bit by Laurenston and Denee's awesome writing abilities, cuz everything else seems to pale in comparison. Nonetheless, I did love this book. Dagan is to die for. But what guy that straps daggers to his thigh and a sword to his back, isn't?

And the women were great too! Which is new for me. That Chloe. Holy hell. She's a force. And Riley is just crazy enough to get on my good side.Then there's the main lady, Reese. Who I imagine would be my ideal personality in a female. She wants so badly to fight and protect herself, but she just doesn't have a clue. And infuriating as all get out!

But she does have the most amazing friends. They take her being a descendant of a god like it's any other normal thing. Then, they're flashing daggers and hurling lamps. Again, wow, Chloe. And then, at the club when Rufus started ogling some of the women, Chloe put a leash on him fast.


How about finding out your grandfather is a god? Hell to the yeah!

So many men. Dagan. Rufus. Flame. Abu. (Yes, Abu) Scion. Gideon. Percilous. Joe. Geoffry. And so many hook ups. Chloe nabs Rufus in a blink, laying claws and claim. Then Riley jumps Scion's back, kicking and screaming.

Dagan is one hell of a male. He doesn't take kindly to any male being near Reese. So yeah, he's on the bad side of Abu and Joe from immediate start. Though, granted, Abu and he have been enemies long before this.

It is another one of those.. gotta fuck to save his life kinda books. Which, is always odd to me. It's also one of those... every time she gets angry at him he fucks her. Wow. I make it seem like there's a lot of fucking in this book. There isn't really. A lot of fighting and arguing and a shit load of jealous male aggression.

The one thing that makes me want to scream is that I want book two... NOW!

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