Hot Presents in Rome

Last night, I watched When In Rome after begging my husband to get it for me for over a week. So while he was doing his SecondLife DJ set, I snuggled up on the couch for a good ol' chick flick. And it was sooo good! And funny. OMG funny! Even Matt looked up to laugh now and again. It had a great cast. Josh Duhamel is one of my faves. I so miss Las Vegas where he starred as Danny McCoy. Then Danny Devito was in it. Jon Heder. Will Arnett. Dax Shepard, who I did not know was engaged to Kristen Bell! Just an all around good cast. But damn, couldn't they find Kristen (Beth)some higher heels?? And OH, I luvluvloved the artwork of Nick (Josh D).

And why didn't I know Kristen Stewart and Rob Patterson were dating? More importantly, why don't they know that's a stupid idea? Only gonna end in heartbreak people!! You're not Brangelina. Wow did those two set a bad example.

Reading update.. Just going to name the dumb ones. LoL. Hot for a Reunion by Ann Jacobs. Good gods help me. A man and a woman, both over forty, get together to help their old high school raise some money and are instantly thrust back into their own teenage mindsets. They talked like children. It was ridiculous. Corny. And just wrong. Kayla's Birthday Present by Ashton Chase was okay. It's about a 40 year old woman who sleeps with her best friend and finds it to be the best thing she's ever done. They end up married. Just like HfaR. Completely unrealistic which... yeah.. I am all for ending a book with a marriage or even a proposal... but not if the entire span of their relationship consists of one moon phase. Danu, The Return by Sally Painter was likely the best of that day's reads. It's about two immortals and the woman bargains with the gods to be able to spend x amount of years with the guy in the realm that he's pretty much banished to. It's... lacking. It's obvious there's a big background to the story that you kinda need. But it was still good.


Redd said...

hellooo..where have you been??? stewart and pattinson's old news chica?? *grins*

HI MY ROYAL B!!! *grins* The movie I has no plans on seeing. One word Kristen. I haven't watched a romantic comedy in ages. Huh...years, ages..I lost track. I do like Josh though. XD

Tags. You are it! XD

Ragan said...

Old news maybe. Just shows how far out of the Twilight loop I am. And I like it.