Windigo & After Dark

After a vicious attack, Arlene is left savaged and dying. Will Peter break his vow and save her?

Arlene is the lovely, free-spirited dispatcher for the local Sheriff in Cedarville, and she has tried over and over again to ignite the sexual tension she feels for Peter. But the sexy forestry ranger, with his long black hair and mixed heritage, resists her advances. She knows Peter feels the heat between them, but something holds him back. Discouraged and rejected, she takes a tumble on a mountain trail, and when she awakes, she is attacked by a vicious and powerful rival.

Peter knows too well that he cannot have Arlene the way he wishes, so to his regret he sends her on her way. But when he finds her mauled and left to die, he faces his greatest quandary. Will he break his deepest vow to save her life, and in that process, change her and possibly lead her into madness and murder? Or will he watch her die?

I first stumbled upon WINDIGO about a year ago. It then made it to my shopping list until it was eventually deleted. But aha! yesterday I finally picked it up.

What a wild story. It's all about the hunger. Oooo the hunger....

I didn't realize a couple things going into this. One, it's somewhat a part of the same series as The Alpha. Creed and Deanna do make an appearance. Secondly, I had no idea what a Windigo was. So when demonblood and spirit animals started popping up, this strange shifter story got a whole lot stranger.

Before that, I read AFTER DARK by Bryan Lee. I snatched this one off of Feedbooks, a site dedicate to spreading around free e-books, and after reading I decided I really need to check out more of Lee's stuff.

This was not a romance. This was a vigilante story where a werewolf is the hero hiding in the shadows. It caters more to the shifter that goes from four legs to walking erectly, which I care little for, but it was a very good, very well written short story. Me liked.


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