Foxy Lady: Cougar Falls #3

Foxy Lady
Cougar Falls, book 3
Published September 21st 2010 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Sheriff Ty Roderick likes order, but Julia Easton is one vixen that turns his well-ordered life upside down. She’s cool, contained, and unshakable. Until one night she makes him an offer he hates to, but must, refuse. Now the one woman he can’t stop thinking about won’t give him the time of day. And then she vanishes. When he learns she’s in danger, he rushes to help and finds more than he bargained for.

Julia took a huge chance and fell flat on her face, rejected. Trying to save her younger sister from the same fate is giving her fits. The man Meghan's engaged to isn’t a shapeshifter, he’s human, his family likes to hunt, and his bully of an older brother is fixated on Julia. When Ty comes to the rescue, Julia plans to use him and lose him. But Ty isn’t going anywhere. Instead, he gives her the answer she wanted the first time she asked, if she can only find the courage to accept it.

This story explodes into a clusterfuck pretty dang quick. Ty Roderick has heard it through the grape vine that Julia is having trouble with Hunters so despite the fact that she is pissed at him for turning her down when she drunkenly propositioned him for sex, he races to aide her.

The Hunters though, are no hunters of shapeshifters. They're your typical gun slinging, targeting bambi bunch of woodland trash. Although that doesn't mean they aren't trouble. And one of them, Jason, the only seemingly good apple of the bunch, is engaged to Julia's sister, Meghan.

Sex is on the forefront of the mind in this one. Ty wants Julia, not for just a quick lay but not for forever either. Julia's been half in love with Ty for as long as she can remember and if she gives them even one night together, she knows she'll lose her heart for good.

Julia and Ty's relationship comes together rather quickly. I felt like I was tumbling through the entire, albeit short, book because it just kept moving along. The fast pace takes away some of the substance. There's no time to truly get deep with anyone or anything.

But I can't refuse a happily ever after that makes me smile.

“I love you.”

She froze then leaped on top of him. Her cute little nose twitched. “Say that again.”

Ty sighed, lost to everything but the fiery woman of his dreams. “I love you. The hot redhead with a temper and the cool professional who works for my ex-best friend. I’ve been in lust with you forever. In love with you for minutes, days, hell, probably years. You’re loyal to your sisters, you love with all your heart, and I want to spend the rest of my life pissing you off.”

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Vegetarian Cannibal said...

He wants to spend the rest of his life pissing her off? Sounds like a real charmer.

I think I'll pass on this one, but great review (as usual)


Ragan said...

Completely understand the pass. I only gave it a three star, as I did the previous one in the series.