In Plain Sight

I can admit it, I read this one because of its cover. Obviously it's about a tortured soul, right?

It didn't disappoint either.

Cullen's been in love with Sarah for what feels like forever. Sadly, the 'wallet chick' has no clue he exists except for the mutterings of his order every week when he comes to the diner. When she's attacked one night by the mate of a guy she's rumored to have gone to bed with, Cullen is forced to defend her and take her to his home until she heals.

Had a difficult time with Sarah. She didn't make sense to me. For a woman pissed off that she's been labeled the town whore, she certainly didn't waste much time offering sex as an act of gratitude for all Cullen does for her.

But Cullen was a gem. Another story of a man with great brothers and even a loving mother who doesn't let anybody peck on her chicks. Oh, yeah.. I should mention they were all eagle shapeshifters. That should be said.

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