More Than Friends

Zach and Emily have been best friends since high school but Zach wants much more. Emily is the girl of his dreams—and unfortunately taken. Zach knows her jerk of a fiancĂ© isn’t good enough for sweet, perfect Emily, but what can he do? The answer comes in the form of a frantic phone call late one night—Emily is in trouble.

When Emily agreed to go to the Rustler’s Roundup charity auction for her eccentric employer, she never dreamed that she would be the goods auctioned off. Now, standing half naked on stage and being bid on by complete strangers, she’s about to get a lot more charity than she planned on. Luckily for her, Zach rides to the rescue just in time. But in order to free her from the Roundup, he has to do a lot more than bid on her—spanking and sex are on the menu as well.

Will the hot sexual encounter destroy their relationship? Or will they finally become more than friends?

If the whole stepsibling thing in Picture Perfect is too much for your mind to handle, then start here. Same foundation for a plot. No family ties.

Zach is your favorite guy from high school. Your best friend. The one guy you could count on when all the other jerks, and even your own boyfriend, lets you down. He's the smart guy. The geek. And he's not gay. After years of friendship, Emily still doesn't see Zach as the hot stud he's blossomed into. Nor does she realize that he's only got eyes for her.

“Six thousand,” Zach heard himself shouting, horrified that he’d been so caught up in looking at her outfit he’d missed some of the bidding. There was no way he was letting anyone else lay a hand on Emily.

“Seven,” the man with the small, piggy eyes countered.

“Eight,” Zach yelled, before the auctioneer could even acknowledge the counter bid.

“Nine,” the man responded. Clearly he was as intent on having Emily as Zach was—this was turning into an all-out bidding war. “Might as well give up, buddy,” he told Zach with a sneer. “I’ve had my eye on that sweet little ass from the minute she came out on stage and I’m gonna fuck her good and hard as soon as I win this bid.”

Zach saw red. “Ten,” he shouted before turning to glare at the other bidder. “That’s the love of my life up there, asshole. You think I’m giving up, you got another thing coming. So just keep on bidding—I’ll top you every time.”

Now, Picture Perfect contained no elements of BDSM. However, this one does. I still hold PP to be the better read, even though some reviewers find it repetitive. It's a photo shoot for crying out loud. Yes, it's repetitive.

Zach was just a sweetheart. And he was a gamer! I have a weakness for a sexy gamer.


Vegetarian Cannibal said...

I have a thing for gamers as well. Every single one of my boyfriends have been hardcore gamers, LOL! Speaking of which...I gotta buy Other M for my boyfriend's birthday present. He's a metroid fanboy. *rolls eyes*

This story sounds interesting! I might just give it a peek! :D

Ragan said...

Men and their toys. =)