Punishing Tabitha

Sergeant Tabitha Bryce just wants to make a name for herself. But as the youngest junior officer in her crew, she doesn’t get much of a chance to shine. Taking a gamble, she stages a daring one-woman sting. But her plan backfires and she finds herself being stripped naked and sold as a sex slave. To her mortification, it is her stoic, unobtainable captain who buys her freedom.

Her new master, Captain Keer, has been the commanding officer aboard Pride of Justice for years and has never lost his cool—until a junior officer with dreams of glory is placed aboard his ship. Now he must get Tabitha out of the mess she’s gotten herself into. But he doesn’t count on the bonus that comes with his new “slave”—a thin silvery cord wrapped around Tabitha’s most intimate areas that won’t come off without some special attention from her new master. Now he must try to free her from permanent sexual bondage to the love knots without losing his heart.

Apparently there's a script for auctioneers somewhere in Anderson's world. I laughed when I read the beginning of Punishing Tabitha's prologue. Sounded just like More Than Friends.

Captain Keer -and yes, I hate that name- has never been tempted to explore his 'captain's privileges' until now. Until Tabitha, the newest addition to his ship, arrived and completely fumbled her one chance at making a good first impression. As Tabitha stands before him, naked except for lavendar scented bubbles slipping down her skin, Keer finds himself tempted.

Tabitha is too ambitious for her own good. She just doesn't have the common sense to back up her desire to exceed at her career. When she's left on the outside of a sting to bring in a notorious slave trader she gets it into her foolish mind that she can take down the guy all by herself. And ends up being sold on the auction block where Keer is forced to buy her. Out of his own pocket mind you.

Despite the fact that this story spans five months plus, I found Tabitha's declaration of love a bit premature. Keer's, being of another race, was a tad more believable. However, Tabitha just pissed me off. She couldn't do anything right.

It is my least liked read of Evangeline Anderson's books so far. It lacked the 'forbidden' factor which oh I so much enjoy.


Redd said...

Pride of Justice? The Navy don't name their ships like that? Wonder if it's a CG thing? hmm..and don't *even* make me go there on the sold sex slave thing..

I'm still a tad peeved over LD appearing as a RT on my twitter page. *pointed look @ B*

Ragan said...


It's a futuristic. It's a spaceship.