Auctioning Charity

Auctioning Charity
Reese Gabriel
ebook, 146 pages
Published June 3rd 2009 by Ellora's Cave
ISBN 9781419922329

Corporate vice president Charity Bradford is up for auction. It's all for a good cause and a huge bid from CEO Roger Morvan brings down the house and buys him dinner with the curvaceous, feisty blonde. But he wants the secretly submissive Charity in his bed.

The very dominant Roger has to figure out how to parlay this opportunity into much more than a dinner date. Nothing less than Charity—naked, bound and begging—will satisfy this Dom's hunger.

"Beware," he said, amused, "of the sort of man you ask to have you."

This baby opened up with a rather good start. There's an extra oomph in it for me when a guy writes a guy's perspective. Hell, a guy's view point is always more interesting, not to forget provocative, to me than a female's. I really don't care how women think.

Of all the BDSM books I've read, some are hardcore while others are very soft. This one had just the right balance for me. Roger isn't all take. He gives plenty and enjoys the hostile banter Charity provides. With very little doubt I'm beginning to take the mind that although woman write much better romance, men have the potential of writing way better sex.

I fancied Roger's mindplay. His fantasies, while not incredibly descriptive, were spontaneous, light, and, of course, dirty. He's a great Dom. I most enjoyed his bafflement and caution as he comes to realize that his desire to bring out Charity's submissive nature/fantasies weighs against his desire just to have her. A Dom that's possibly already in love with the woman he wishes to claim really does make for a thrilling romantic read. 4 out of 5 stars.

Reese Gabriel is a born romantic with a taste for the edgier side of love. Having traveled the world and sampled many of the finer things, Reese now enjoys the greater simplicities—barefoot walks by the ocean, kisses under moonlight and whispers of passion in the darkness with that one special person.

Preferring to remain behind the scenes, cherished by a precious few, Reese hopes to awaken in the lives of many the possibilities of true love through stories of far off places and enchanted lives.

For the sake of love and hope and imagination, these stories are told. May they be enjoyed as much in the reading of them as in the writing.

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