Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever
Felicity E. Heaton
Published November 2007
ISBN 9781452321080

A little excitement. That’s all Kate Hamilton wanted when she agreed to a girly break to her family’s cabin. Time away from work and her failed love-life lured her into saying yes to her friends. She was expecting sun, snow and ski. Absolutely no guys.

What she wasn’t expecting was her stepbrother and friends crashing her vacation, a badly sprained ankle, a blizzard, and being trapped on the mountain with one Jack Darcy.

Jack Darcy brings with him more excitement than Kate can handle. Tall, dark and devastatingly handsome, he’s impossible to resist and seems to be everything Kate has been searching for…until it turns out he isn’t all that he seems. In fact, nothing is.

Caught up in a dangerous game and unsure who to trust, captured by a man she once thought she knew, will Kate meet her end or will her knight in shining armour rescue her in time? Can Jack confront the terrible things in his past and let Kate in? Will he be able to complete his mission and save the girl he’s fallen in love with? Can Kate save him too?

That's a lot of questions left to be answered, eh?

Ordinarily I write my posts as I go, while the memories and the emotions are still fresh. Had I done so with this one my review would have been devastating. The first half of this book is boring as hhhhhhhell. Most of the words are exhausted on descriptions of Jack and Kate's feelings toward one another. Their thoughts. The conflicting desires. And smiling. OMG do they do alot of smiling! And yet, in hindsight, my opinion is slightly elevated because once we get past all that mushy stuff things actually get... active.

First Kate bashes Jack in the skull and leaves him for dead in the snow then (after he awakes) Jack goes all cold killer as he's slashing throats left, right, and diagonal. The bullets start flying and *finally* we find the suspense. And a bit of a shocker moment. Honestly didn't expect Jack's confession but kudos to Kate for taking it so well. That was very likely my favorite aspect of the book. Not many women can take the news of their man gunning down his last lover in cold blood and not bat an eye. Very many kudos indeed.

Sadly though, things again take a turn for the worse. Personally, I don't care for endings like that. The whole twisted conclusion where the character believes one thing but we, as readers, know beyond a doubt that there is no way in Hades that things are going to down like that. Waste of time in my opinion. And I don't even get a damn proposal at the end of all that mushy stuff? That's all kinds of wrong.

3 out of 5 stars.


Redd said...

Heheheh...*falls out of the chair laughing*

Proposal after all of the mushy stuff.....omg...*snortswithlaughter & speechless*

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Thanks for the review!