City of Sin: Naughty Nooners

City of Sin
Rena Marks
Kindle Edition
Published January 20th 2011 by Ellora's Cave

Kelly Morgan takes her best friend Vince on a vacation to the City of Sin to recover from the breakup of his marriage. But sin, lust and alcohol don’t mix, especially when you’re sharing a room with a sexy, hard-muscled bodybuilder. One who dances part-time and has moves Kelly can only wonder about. One who shows a vast amount of tanned, smooth skin as he wanders around the motel room in briefs…and nothing else.

A weekend in Vegas leaves Kelly and Vince toeing the line between friends and lovers.

After a long flight and a couple fruity drinks, Kel's bent over the porcelain throne complaining about being over heated. Long time friend and lickable sex, Vince, proceeds to strip her of her clothes. Okay. That makes some sense. He then starts grinding his manhood into her pelvis. Nope. Not much sense there.

After that there's no hesitation. Friendship be damned. Then again, with sex this hot, who the hell needs friendship? The two work up a slick sweat fast and furious and although I'm usually prepared for the abrupt ending of these Naughty Nooners, I was in no way ready for this cement wall. Definitely going to have to look further into Rena Marks' work because this little tease was oh so not enough! 4 out of 5 stars.

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