The Switch

The Switch
Evangeline Anderson
Dangerous Cravings sequel
ebook, 20 pages
Published 2007 by Loose Id, LLC
ISBN 9781596324381

It’s been a year since detectives Cole and Alex solved the BDSM serial murder spree that was going on in the seamy Tampa streets. In that time they've become much more than partners and best friends.

They are lovers -- Dominant and submissive. Alex willingly submits to her master’s hand and Cole has learned to give her both the pain and pleasure that she needs.

But now Alex wants to crack the whip for a change, and Cole's not sure he's willing to take it lying down.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements that may be objectionable to some readers: BDSM.

I closed up Dangerous Cravings and immediately dived into The Switch. How could I not? I needed so much more of Cole! And tied up at his lover's mercy???? Oh my damn.

Cole and Alex are now a year into their new relationship and have decided to switch places for the night, not that that lasts very long. Cole is all male, dominant and aggressive, and being tied down doesn't do for him what it does for Alex. His urge to take her, and claim her, brings out the forceful demands that Alex responds to all too well. Finally they switch back, as it should be.

It's a bit quick and I didn't get the fix I really needed. Yeah, I'm addicted. The one complaint though, is that I never did get a proposal. Damn him! 4 out of 5 stars.

Dangerous Cravings

Dangerous Cravings
Evangeline Anderson
ebook, 448 pages
Published  March 21, 2006  by Loose Id, LLC
ISBN 9781596323889

By day, Tampa homicide detective Alex Reed is fiercely intelligent and tougher than any of the men in her department. By night, she explores her darker side by writing highly erotic novels of bondage and submission under the pen name Victoria Tarlatan.

Detective Cole Berkley is Alex's longtime partner and best friend. He doesn't know anything about her secret hunger to be mastered, but he's about to find out. A serial killer is working his dark magic, transforming wicked women into works of erotic art. His hapless victims are found tied to the bed in classic bondage poses, strangled and tortured in unspeakable ways. To crack the case, Alex and Cole go undercover in the BDSM community, posing as Master and slave, Dominant and submissive.

Can Alex hold on to her secret while being forced to play out her most private fantasies with her partner? And can Cole handle the change in his tough-as-nails partner from one of the guys to a woman with deeply erotic needs? The friction between them will soon be the least of their worries. The killer has a list of intended victims. Victoria Tarlatan is on it, making Alex next in line for the killer's transformation. Will she pay for her Dangerous Cravings with her life?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable: Strong BDSM theme and content, violence.

Earlier this week I was needing something sweet in my reading. But then... I'm the type of person that needs a bit of sadism with her sugar. And that's where Dangerous Cravings comes in...

Stay with me now.

Erotic romance writer, and one of the best might I add, Evangeline Anderson, has outdone herself with this thrilling read about a serial killer targeting authors whose books focus on BDSM.

Cole Berkley and Alex Reed haven't spent the last five years of their partnership pining for one another. They're friends-friends who trust one another explicitly and have a very close, very comfortable relationship. But their newest case is about to bring out Alex's long kept secret and give the attraction between the two a very forceful shove.

Couldn't help but be completely engrossed by the gradual process Anderson wrote for Cole coming around to noticing Alex. First her voice. Then, her legs. And so on and so forth. It's one of those things where you're on the edge of your seat, waiting for the passion to explode, and yet, the high you get from that bit by bit is just as an intoxicating. Tease me... no, don't tease me! Gawd, I was dying to know how the first kiss was going to go down. And HOT DAMN I was not disappointed. Daddy issues make for the *best* drama. And some rather hot moments of weakness.

Cole is a virgin to the very idea of BDSM. He has no clue what the hell is going on. Alex writes the stuff, craves it, but won't speak a damn word about it so Cole is forced to use the investigation to try to make some sense of it all. He can't bring himself to comprehend what makes his best friend need to be held down and have pain inflicted during sex. But he loves Alex. He wants her. And he wants to be the lover she needs him to be, even though the idea of hurting her makes him physically sick.

Get over it, Cole!

“What the hell,” I said, slowly and distinctly, “was that about?”
     She turned to me and there was so much need, so much pain and confusion and shame in her eyes,that I felt my insides clench. God, she’d never even hinted at anything like this. Or maybe she had, and I just wasn’t paying attention ... Maybe I was ignoring her because I didn’t want to know.
     “Cole ...” Her voice was soft and tentative. The look on her face said she expected me to hit her at any time. I wanted to shake her, this vulnerable stranger. Shake her and demand what she had done with my tough, no-nonsense, takes-no-crap-off-anyone, one-of-the-guys partner.
     “Never mind,” I said, feeling the muscles in the side of my jaw bunch and tense. “Just get out.”
     “No.” Her eyes cleared a little, my rough words seeming to bringing her back to her senses. “No, I’m not leaving like this. I need ... I need ...” Her mouth worked uncertainly.
     “What?” I asked, my voice dangerously soft. “What do you think you need, Alex?”
     “I need you to understand,” she burst out, desperately. “I need you to know that I’m not ... thatI don’t ...”
     “Don’t what? Don’t get off on --”
     “Don’t say it.” She slid across the seat and pressed her small hand over my lips. In the dim glow of the lamp her eyes were wide and drowning deep. I felt in danger of falling in and never getting outagain. I wanted her so badly I ached. But I didn’t want to lay her down and take my time -- didn’t want to bring her gently or take her softly. I wanted what she wanted. I wanted to be rough with her. I couldn’t let myself want that.
     I pulled back from her, afraid that her touch, the press of her small, warm fingers against my lips, would set me off. “Get out,” I said again. I felt like a loaded gun with three pounds of pressure already on the trigger. “Get out, Alex.”
     “No.” She was trembling but determined. “No, come in with me.”
     “I can’t.” I heard a low grating sound and realized it was me, grinding my teeth. “I can’t -- I’ll hurt you.”
     She looked up at me, eyes wide and serious. “I know.”
     I could hear the steering wheel creak beneath my palms as I gripped it. I was holding it like a life preserver, knowing that if it left my hands, and my feet took me into her small dark house, I was lost. I can’t let that happen. I said it to myself over and over.
     “Cole,” she said, stroking the side of my face. “Cole, please ...”
     My control snapped and somehow my traitorous hands left the steering wheel and buried themselves in her silky hair, the same way they had the night before. I was again conscious of wanting to own her -- of wanting to possess her totally. Her mouth was as sweet as a bruised berry. I crushed her to me, wanting to own and if I couldn’t own, wanting to mark. To leave a sign on her skin that would let the world know I had been there.

Eventually Cole finds a balance between his own fantasies and Alex's needs and the scenes are a beautiful balance of the two. Despite the drama of a bitch of an ex wife and having an eight-year-old daughter, I found Cole-as Redd would say-extremely lickable.

Readers who find themselves opposed to BDSM may want to veer around this one but I would actually encourage it's reading for the very same reason. It's very light in the bondage... a few lashings, a bit of restraining, very little sex, but overall it's a very psychological approach to the topic, which is so Anderson. She gets me to respond on a mind level no other author ever has. I question so much when I read her work. About myself. And about the world around me. 5 out of 5 stars.

Another great thing about this book? It has an itty-bitty sequel!


Truth & Consequences

Truth and Consequences
Linda Winfree
Hearts of the South, book one
Kindle Edition, 280 pages
Published June 19th 2007 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

When deceit and desire collide, the results can be deadly...

For undercover FBI agent Jason Harding, coming face to face with the grown-up version of his adolescent dreams is a nightmare. Kathleen Palmer sees him as a despicably corrupt small-town law officer and a murder suspect. Trapped in a web of his own making, he must see his mission through to the end and bring down the crooked cops who've run Haynes County for decades. To do so, he must betray the only family he's ever known and fight his growing love for Kathleen, a relationship that could get one, or both of them, killed.

Determined to uncover the truth, Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Kathleen struggles with her attraction to the one person who's awakened her since she buried her heart and emotions in her son's tiny grave. Listening to her heart could destroy all she has left in life-her career and reputation. When the truth about Jason's identity surfaces, they both face unimaginable consequences: Jason may lose his life and Kathleen the man she loves.

A cop chase ends with the suicides of two young teen boys. Or so the Georgia patrol guys claim. The scene brings GBI agent Kathleen Palmer to the case where she and her partner are very quickly convinced that the men know and did more than they claim.

Undercover agent Jason Harding senses he's met Kathleen before and he comes to discover she was the fantasy woman of his youth. His Holy Grail. Back then, he didn't even get noticed by her. Now, it's even worse. To Kathleen, he's nothing more than a suspect, possible accomplice, who's just as crooked as the rest of the deputies. And he has little choice but to feed the illusion. He has to make her hate him, for her own safety and for the sake of his case.

Or, that was Plan A anyway.

A broken soul with a penchant for Arthurian legend, and who's wise enough to realize the faults of the oh so not great Lancelot, Jason was just too sexy for his own good. Honestly, I'm at a loss for words. Other than... I loved it-I loved it-I loved it-I loved it-I loved it! 5 out of 5 stars.


With This Fling...

With This Fling...
Kelly Hunter
256 pages
Published January 7th 2011 by Mills & Boon
ISBN 9780263883619

With this fling, I thee… what?

Mourning the death of her beloved godmother is a perfectly acceptable pastime for archaeologist Charlotte Greenstone. Mourning the demise of her fictional fiancé - created purely for her dying godmother's benefit - isn't. So what if he'd been a globetrotting botanist, humanitarian, philanthropist, lover extraordinaire, and altogether useful individual to have around? He didn't exist. Men like that never existed.

And then she met Greyson Tyler. Globetrotting botanist, workaholic, pedant, irritant, and altogether disconcerting man to have around. So what if Grey knew his way around a woman's body? The man wasn't even housebroken.

Or was he?

Creating a fake fiance (complete with name, career, and ridiculously in depth bio) for the sake of a dying godmother is a bit sad... and odd... thing to do. Having your friend contact his employer following his sudden and freakish death in an effort to locate a photo and ultimately receiving a box of his effects is just plain creeeepy. Having Thaddeus Jeremiah Gilbert Tyler-aka Gil-really exist? Woah!

Okay, so this fictional god of man is actually Greyson Tyler. After the heavy, passionless sex I've endured with my last couple of reads, I needed something light, humorous, and sensual. And up until the hammer drops and all humor gives way to a very serious subject, With this Fling certainly delivers.

I doubt very much that I could have found another book so far from fantasy exactly when I needed it. Grey and Charlotte are rational, ambitious, and sophisticated people who, even though they're on their own paths in life, manage to find one another and, as the story unfolds, manage further to bring those two paths together. The creativity of their invented lovers was the best part for me. The comparison of Gil and Grey, bounced off of Grey's lighthearted teasing, held just the right amount of warmth and affection I was looking for. And what's not to like about Greyson? The man wanted to do everything right, no matter what it would have cost him. 4 out of 5 stars.

Conner's Wolf: Supernatural Bonds #6

Conner's Wolf
Jory Strong
Supernatural Bonds, book six
Published May 13th 2011 by Ellora's Cave
ISBN 9781419934636

Homicide detective Conner Stern doesn’t know what Khemirra Reis is running from, only that he’s damn determined to find out. Right after he lays her bare beneath him and works the beautiful obsession out of his system.

Sexual satisfaction first, revealing her secrets second—that’s the plan—except Khemirra is battling a fascination of her own. Her rational mind says stay far, far away from the gorgeous cop who doesn’t want anything to do with the supernatural. But after Conner catches up to her and shows her with heated kisses and carnal demands just how perfect they can be together, the wolf part of her nature is convinced he’s the right mate.

Conner wants her trust. She needs his help. But Khemirra doesn’t know which of her secrets Conner will hate more—that she killed a man, or that she’s a werewolf. Unless love overrides all else, they’ll lose any chance of a future together.

We find Conner right where we left him five books ago, soon after he met the reporter Khemirra. He's gone AWOL from the rest of the series in an attempt to chase down the elusive female that loped off into the woods after their first and only meeting.

Khemirra is on the run from a psychotic book writer who not only believes she's a werewolf but intends to mate her with a natural wolf. On top of that, she's killed a man, so accepting Homocide Detective Conner Stern's help has more weight to it than just the issue of his contempt against all things supernatural.

But when it comes to Conner's highminded bias it turns out to be a matter of love conquering all as he finds himself willing to accept Khemirra's wolf self and she, in turn, finally gives in to her wolf's urgings to take a mate. Therefore, gaining herself a pack.

The rest of the cast is forgotten up until the epilogue where it's confirmed, having skipped book four and five, that Dylan has yet to claim Seraphine and Miguel will soon find his own mate. If it's the weird chick that hung out with the book writer then I'm officially stunned. 3 out of 5 stars.


A Kiss of Ashen Twilight

Kiss of Ashen Twilight
Rae Lori
Ashen Twilight, book one
ebook, 276 pages
Published January 2010 by RavenFire Books
First published February 2nd 2009
ISBN 2940000805565

Will it be love or death when fairy and vampire come together?

Haunted by dreams of a mysterious yet seductive figure, Ariya awakens to a more dangerous nightmare: a vicious elemental creature nearly wiping out her entire family outside her bedroom doors. Her parents urge her to cross over into the mortal realm and there she is saved from another attack against strange shifter wolves. Her rescuer is Jace Archane, an immortal Nightwalker from the House of Blood within the Ashen Twilight House. The very same man from her dreams. Jace and Ariya's attraction to each other is evident. Yet Jace is reluctant to lower his guard, having spent lifetimes coming to terms with death's curse in his Nightwalker form: everyone he feeds from dies. Ariya is undeterred by his fear of contact and despite his attempts at distance himself, she remains by his side in a desperate bid to stay safe and near to Jace. Now the elemental has followed her. When a woman of the House of Blood is murdered after leaving Jace's home the fight is brought to the doorstep of the Ashen Twilight House.

Now the race is on to find out the origins of the elemental creature and stop the horrific killing spree. As they dig deeper into the mystery, they will uncover a truth that ties the elemental's origins to a forgotten ally with plans to overthrow the Archane legacy and obtain Ariya's fairy blood fueling an immortal thirst for power.

When we first meet Jace he is a hero in the heart of war. Then we spend some time getting to know the very innocent and protected Ariya in her own realm and by the time we get back to Jace, centuries have passed and he's simultaneously feeding and fucking a woman to death. Right there I knew he was going to be wreaking havoc on my nerves.

Soon enough, he's reminding me once more why I have such trouble loving vampires. When a woman walks in on her intended love interest as he's screwing some strange blooddrinker, right there, for me, that interest would have been immediately obsolete. Definitely ruined any chance to making it on any book boyfriends list.

To both Ariya and Jace, the other is something out of folklore. Fairies and vampires are from stories long told throughout the ages. Basically, they're myths. When Ariya discovers what Jace is she is both intrigued and on guard. When Jace comes to understand Ariya is a Fey, he couldn't get her away from him fast enough. Meanwhile, Ariya is being hunted by a creature that can take on any form, including air, and Jace is soon to take up the throne as king of the Nightwalkers.

I went from adoring Jace, to being very, very weary of the man, then, at the end of Part 1, I was hurting for the guy. He played such a fool. Here Ariya was, telling him she couldn't stay and that her people needed her. She had to leave. And what is he doing? Listening, as he slips a commitment ring onto her finger. Of course she's going to leave, and leave it behind.

From there, Ariya and Jace separate and we're left with Jace who has been equally affected by her departure as much as her initial entering of his life. She's managed to reawaken the valiant warrior of his past and Jace has finally assumed his rightful place within the House, with all the responsibility it entails.

This story is rather simple in that there's really no epic amount of action, or complicated twists, or rollercoaster of events. It just is. The villain isn't all that formidable, and aside from the surprise that is Avery, everything is very low-key predictable and very drawn out. When I first opened this book up, I had a completely different series in mind that I thought this had branched off of, so I was forced to realign expectations and my current mood. The beauty of Jace coming back to himself and finding love was the best part for me. Other than that, I didn't get much else out of it. 3 out of 5 stars.

Characters: Jace Archane, Ariya, Julian Archane, Michael Hammond, Rich Hammond, Gael Almadovar, Daoine Oberon

Prequel: From the Night, The Prince Rises (4 out of 5 stars)

Special thanks to Redd from The Wyld Hollow.

Sophie's Dragon: Supernatural Bonds #3

Sophie's Dragon
Jory Strong
Supernatural Bonds, book three
ebook, 175 pages
Published April 2007 by Ellora's Cave
ISBN 9781419910012

Mystery and fantasy writer, collector of crystals and believer in magic, Sophie Alexander can't resist the lure of trying to find the legendary Chalice of Enos. She feels compelled to hunt for the Dragon's Cup even though the mysterious and dangerous Severn Damek is after it too. Little does she know she's on a collision course with a supernatural being straight from one of her novels.

Dragon prince, elusive billionaire, Severn Damek has a reputation for being ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants. The fertility of his race is tied to the Chalice of Enos and he's determined to recover the priceless treasure. It's the ultimate prize, or so he thinks until he encounters Sophie. The moment he sees her, Severn is engulfed in the fiery flames of lust. She's his mate and he intends to possess both her and the Dragon's Cup.

All Severn Damek ever wanted was a human mate, fragile and submissive. What he gets is Sophie. Defiant, strong willed, and ready to put up a struggle against the dragon prince's insistent claiming of her as his possession. Meanwhile, neither combating his mother and the dragon female she's chosen as his mate or hunting for the Chalice of Enos is enough to drown out the choking lust building up between he and Sophie.

I'm going to say it- there was way too much sex in this book. So much so that I seriously was getting nauseous. Perhaps it was the repetition or the lack of progression in between but at one point, at a mere twenty-four percent completion, I was begging for someone to come in and rip these two apart. No more. Please, no freaking more!

2 out of 5 stars. And *that* is why I skip around in a book series. Conner's Wolf here I come!


Storm's Faeries: Supernatural Bonds #2

Storm's Faeries
Jory Strong
Supernatural Bonds, book two
ebook, 164 pages
Published June 30th 2006 by Elloras Cave Pub Inc
ISBN 9781419954245

The Fates do enjoy their little amusements.

Storm O'Malley thought she'd always be a beat cop. But when she helped catch a serial murderer, she became a detective and a member of the elite Homicide squad. Now she's got a murder to solve and a new reason to call on the gorgeous professor she met on the Dean case.

The first time Professor Tristan Lisalli met Storm, she was off limits because he couldn't afford to get mixed up in a high-profile case. No supernatural could. Much less a noble of the Sidhe court. But after that case was solved, he'd fully intended to challenge his cousin Pierce with the seduction of a woman-with the seduction of Storm. But now Storm is involved in another high-profile case. A murder again, but with a difference. Treasure.

No fey creature can resist the legendary Medici Chalice of Eros. But if what Tristan suspects is true, then the real treasure is Storm. He thinks she just might be his forever wife-and Pierce's as well.

In all honesty, I so didn't want to read this book. However, after reading the first in the series it was evident that I just might miss a whole bunch if I totally skipped over it. And I really didn't want to miss out on Sophie's intro to her love interest, Severn.

Storm, Sophie's cop cousin, has been promoted. She's officially part of the homicide squad now and, well, we're still at war with the media. Her first case comes with the murder of a Hugh Hefner wannabe and his stolen Chalice of Eros.

Trace still has a bias against the supernatural but he does have his moments of remorse for his tirades which are rather endearing. Much to my disappointment, Conner was MIA for this one, holed up at his parents' cabin on vacation and Dylan, in what may turn out to be a prophecy, declares he will be the last bachelor standing. Of course, then we're introduced to the witch Seraphine.

We also meet a new character, Marika, who now works as Aislinn's assistant in her magick shop and dragons emerge onto the scene. They look to be sticking around for a while, too.

One murder case gets us going and then the number duplicates and soon enough, demon summoning is at play. The humor is much better in this installment and I was surprised at how big a role Trace and Aislinn still played. Aislinn even manages to nearly get herself raped. Talk about woah. 3 out of 5 stars.

Trace's Psychic: Supernatural Bonds #1

Trace's Psychic
Jory Strong
Supernatural Bonds, book one
ebook, 131 pages
Published December 2004 by Ellora's Cave
ISBN 9781419900927

Homicide detective Trace Dilessio has always considered himself a regular meat and potatoes kind of guy—a red-blooded man who likes his women with big boobs, a nice ass, and legs that don't stop. Aislinn Windbourne is a whole different type than what he usually goes for. And even though he hates psychics—especially those that get tangled up in police business—Trace can't seem to fight his obsession for the delicate beauty who makes him feel both primitive and protective.

Years of being shunned in Elf-space because of her half-elf, half-human blood have made Aislinn cautious about opening her heart—until she meets Trace. He beguiles her from the start, and among Elves such a reaction usually means that a couple is destined to form a heartbond. But even as love chases away her loneliness, every time Trace rejects the magic that's part of who she is, Aislinn fears that this human world might be every bit as painful as the one she grew up in.

A group of men-homicide detectives, partners and friends-gather together at a bar where they're met by a group of woman. One of which if Aislinn, half-human/half-elven, who has been cast out from her elven family and is here tonight to be set up with either Connor or maybe Dylan, but it's Trace who lays down his claim the moment he sees her enter the room.

Known as the player of the group (one who needs to assign names to his condom boxes so he'll know who he's fucking at the time), Trace makes quick work of seducing the innocent Miss Aislinn. A dance, a roll on the sand, and then back to the table for drinks. Definitely an all-about-him kind of guy.

Book six of this series (Conner's Wolf) was just released this month and it sounded so good that I took a look at the others, and ended up tossing them all into my shopping cart. Surprise, surprise! I'm already warming up to Conner and looky here, Redd, I started at book one! XD

This sets up a great foundation for the rest of the series. Each character gets their time to shine amidst the passionate, blooming relationship between a take-all-own-all Trace and a very vulnerable Aislinn. Trace surfed the fence with me for a long time. His demands were some kind of hot in the bedroom, but the constant control he exuded everywhere else was a bit grating. All the while there's a murder case that's sucking everyone in in one way or another and lots of hate towards the supernatural is humming in the air as prejudices are tested and minds are forced to open to wider possibilities.

Another itch to the story was how Trace was going crazy just being away from Aislinn for an hour or two, but when she's in danger and he can't find her, there's an odd, quiet calm that overcomes him. Maybe he just went into cop mode but sitting around eating Chinese food was way too laid back for a man in love... or lust. 3 out of 5 stars.


Everything to Lose

Everything to Lose
Katie Reus
Published January 23rd 2008 by Ellora's Cave Publishing
ISBN 9781419920783

Sean Sullivan refuses to let his wife go without a fight. He made a mistake a year ago by suggesting they get a divorce. He only wanted to scare her into staying in town, so he gave her an ultimatum. No one was more surprised than him when she walked out the door and never looked back. Now that she's on the same continent, he plans to convince her they're meant to be together, and he's not above using sex to get what he wants. When killers target them to die, he'll use any means necessary to keep her safe. Even if he has to kidnap her and tie her to his bed to do it.

Sean is a control freak. But in a good way. He's a dominating yet giving lover and a stifling protector. If he were a shifter there would be little to no complaints. Being a mortal man, however, married to an ambitious independent woman, there could be hell to pay.

Using sex as a prime means to convince your partner that you're meant to be together may work for the animals or animalistic, but for two very ordinary human beings, the strategy never does much for me as a reader. Sean and his wife's problems aren't insurmountable but even with that they barely manage an HEA. They're right back where they were a year ago as Sean fails to actually make a transition to being the 'partner' she needs him to be. But somehow, it's enough for her that he knows he should. Go figure. 2 out of 5 stars.


Catching Caroline

Catching Caroline
Sylvia Day
Published by Sylvia Day (first published 2005)
ISBN 9780982857106
Read it here: Goodreads reader

Jack Shaw's reputation as a wicked libertine is well deserved. He lives for the moment, indulging in temporary pleasures. Until Lady Caroline Seton sets her eyes on him and the heat of her gaze lures him in. Now he wants more than one stolen kiss, he wants forever. But Caroline hides a dangerous secret, one that could cost him his life. Will his love be enough to save them both...?

This story is about a man (Jack) who is chasing after a woman who, if she would stand still long enough to have a decent conversation, would discover there's no reason at all to be running away from Jack's advances.

But she does. Because she's a vampire. And because she's promised to her Sire's son.

This an earlier work of author, Sylvia Day, as explained in a short letter to the reader, and is written extremely well which is a very good thing, because there's not much substance to this short read. It's one woman, running, and one man, chasing. Oh yes, you're gonna wanna smack a vamp. =) 3 out of 5 stars.


Forever Bound

Forever Bound
Stacey Kennedy
Published April 22nd 2011 by Decadent Publishing
ISBN 2940011273988

Josie Harper had boyfriends, lovers, and even friends with benefits. None of them could satisfy her. Something had always been missing—something she was now desperate to find.

Gavin Scott longed for the perfect submissive. A woman worthy of the gift he could give to her as a Dom. Most failed to meet his expectations and he’d all but given up hope.

A high class match-maker in Las Vegas brings Josie and Gavin together. Tonight, Gavin will introduce Josie to the world of BDSM. As he skillfully guides her through the experience, Josie isn’t the only one captivated. Gavin is in awe of her control, someone this new to the lifestyle shouldn’t possess this great of a talent.

During their journey, Josie will find the missing piece of her soul and Gavin will meet the woman who was born to submit to him.

I *love* Stacey Kennedy's Blue Bloods series and especially The Watchers series so far, but book two of The Watchers, Whispers of Evil, is still on my shopping list. Until I can get my hands on a copy, I decided to try to appease myself with her first BDSM, Forever Bound.

There are some things I just don't respond to well in BDSM books, or in erotica in general, and damn it, this particular story not only focuses on just those very things but the entire story revolves around them, giving me absolutely nothing else to aid in the balance. So, it's for very personal reasons of taste that I give this one a 0 out of 5 stars- 1 star for the sake of Goodreads, but other than that I couldn't find a single thing that I could say deserved even that. =(


Blood Law: Blood Moon Rising #1

❝ “He threatened my man, so I ripped his throat out.”  ❞

Blood Law
Karin Tabke
Blood Moon Trilogy, book one
ebook, 320 pages
Published May 3rd 2011 by Penguin Group
ISBN13 9781101514313

The coming of the Blood Moon will lead two Lycan packs into war, spur two rival brothers into conflict, and spark an act of vengeance so evil that its effects will be felt for generations.

One woman stands at the center of it all…

As undisputed Alpha, Rafael must choose a life mate to preserve the dominance of his Lycan pack. He never suspected, his mate would be a human, the same wounded, girl-woman he seduces from the brink of death. Falon is a dangerous combination of Lycan and Slayer—beings bred to destroy his kind. Even more, she’s a mesmerizing beauty whose sensuality tempts the seasoned warrior to take unnecessary risks. The primal heat between them is irresistible, yet surrendering to it could destroy them both…for a vengeful foe stands ready in the shadows to fulfill what is rightfully his by Blood Law.

I can't help but have some kind of love for a book that opens up with a little bit of fact and noted myth right at the start. It goes to prove that the author has taken the time to do her research and, in most cases, has taken that same bit of care to weave an extraordinary tale.

Brothers Lucien and Rafael have already once suffered a battle to the death, in which they both lost. But through the intervening prayers of a favored healer each was spared- to live and fight another day.

When Rafael finds his mate, three things happen: He saves her life, orders her death, and then proceeds to bring her back from the dead. Now that, for me, is a first. I wasn't prepared for the epic amount of violence and fantastic powers that I found within this book and, oh yeah, I was giddy over every bit of it.

(paperback cover)

This story is about laws meant to be followed and destined to be broken. Oh my damn, the drama! I loved Rafael’s turmoil as he fought between his sense of honor with holding to the laws his people had cherished for generations and the primal demand to protect his mate. One that he claimed for all the wrong reasons.

Fourteen years ago, Rafael, in duty, murdered the woman his twin brother Lucien intended to claim as his mate. The woman was a Slayer and law forbade Lycans to ever pair with their kind. Blinded by what may have been dark magic, Lucien could not see the woman for what she was, forcing Rafael to end her life to spare them all.

According to their laws, though, Lucien is due an eye for an eye. Whomever Rafael takes as his mate, her life is forfeit to Lucien. And so, by chance, Rafael meets Falon, saves her life, and because she is but a mere human, succumbs to his desire for her and takes her as his mate. Her lost life was intended to mean nothing to him. But Falon proves herself a worthy partner and warrior for his pack. She will fight for her life. And Rafael soon discovers himself willing to offer his own in exchange, all in an effort to appease the Blood Law.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so floored by an ending in my whole life. Multiple OMG’s dropped from my lips for long minutes after. Tabke had thoroughly shocked the hell out me. Seriously. Eyes bulging. Jaw dropping. ‘What the hell happens next’ kind of panic erupted.

OMG! What. Happens. Next?! 5 out of 5 stars.

Coming in February 2012


True Blue: Task Force Zeta 3

True Blue
Cat Johnson
Task Force Zeta, book three
Trade Paperback, 192 pages
Published March 28th 2007 by Linden Bay Romance
ISBN 9781602020214

Trilogy No. 107

In the long anticipated sequel to Red Hot & Blue, the true blue men of Task Force Zeta are back...and they're hotter than ever!

Bull: Bull didn't earn his nickname because he has a reputation for being stubborn; he's just a very big boy. But beneath that hard as granite and big as a mountain exterior beats the heart of a caring man. Can a pretty little thing barely five feet tall capture it?

Matt: Technical genius and communications specialist Matt Coleman is sick and tired of watching his friends 'get the girl' while the only thing he's had his hands on lately is a computer console. But perhaps Matt has been looking for love in all the wrong places. Could it be that what he's looking for has been right in front of him the entire time?

The Commander: The men in his unit refer to him as simply 'the commander'. Hank Miller may have fears, feelings, and desires, but as a leader he refuses to let them show. On more than one occasion Hank has been accused of possessing a heart of stone. When he meets the sexy and smart Lois Gordon, will the normally stoic Hank find himself tempted to break his one rule?

In October of 2010, I wrote a review for Jimmy by Cat Johnson. In it, I concluded by pleading for Matt's story. It wasn't until today that I took notice of a comment left by Terri in March that that very story has already been released as part of Task Force Zeta. In 2007! Currently scheduled to be re-released... whenever.

Thank you, Terri!

Come & Get Me

Come & Get Me
Reese Gabriel
Published March 30th 2005 by Ellora's Cave
ISBN 9781419901690

Ten years ago, college freshman Eleesha Greene played a sorority game called "Come and Get Me". She was chosen for a night of seduction at the hands of Ross Maclean, the gorgeous quarterback of the college football team. The sex was supposed to be no strings attached, but that night young Eleesha gave more than her body. She gave her heart to the handsome athlete.

Ross, his eyes set on the NFL, was not ready for a relationship. He left her the next morning and never looked back. The heartbreak of their parting left Eleesha with nothing but bitter memories of their time together.

A decade later she is a vice president of a large communications company that is about to be restructured. A hired consultant is called in to recommend staff cuts. When he turns out to be none other than Ross Maclean, Eleesha goes into a tailspin. A sexual sparring match ensues, fueled by increasing passion.

Ross made the biggest mistake of his life ten years ago. To fix it, he is going to play "Come and Get Me" again. And this time he has no intention of letting Eleesha go.

So... I honestly don't know if I chose to read this book. I say that because this particular title has two different blurbs posted on Goodreads and I'm not entirely certain which one I read that determined its placement on my TBR.

This story is one of those where everything begins and ends with sex. Where it all finds meaning, explanation, and purpose through the act of two bodies molding together and where everything one feels, thinks, or believes is birthed and determined by carnal pleasures.

Years ago, as a freshman in college, Eleesha had a huge crush on the star quarterback, Ross. And girls being the mean spirited bitches that they are, her intended sorority sisters used it as a weapon against her, plotting a game that would end in her shame. Eleesha spent one night in the arms of her dream lover, losing her heart to a man who wasn't prepared for the emotions she would stir in him.

Now, a decade later, Eleesha is yet again playing the part of a fool. She gives it up for Ross with little effort on his part. In dreams and out. She's certainly a character who's trapped in the past and has yet to mature past her deluded adolescence. Reminiscent of Kaylin Neya actually. Although an NC-17 version. She plays games that are quick to get old and honestly, I just wanted to kick her while wearing cleats. 1 out of 5 stars.


The Geek Next Door

Have you ever read a book that made you think These two are not going to last?

The Geek Next Door
Lauren Fraser
Published November 8th 2010 by Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 9781595787804

When the woman of your dreams only sees you as her geeky neighbor, sometimes you have to go to extremes.

Computer nerd Dylan Crane has been in love with Erin since she moved next door two years ago. Unfortunately, she’s never seen him as anything other than her best friend--until one afternoon when her world flips upside down and everything changes.

Erin Sharp learns firsthand just how sexy a man with a brain can be. She already loved Dylan, her friend, but as their relationship evolves, she wonders if she could finally have it all.

When her career ambitions get in the way of their relationship, Erin has to decide what matters most to her – getting the job she always wanted, or the man she needs and desires.

I absolutely love this cover!! Despite the fact that the guy's hair looks like a bleached chia pet.

Erin never gave Dylan a chance to be anything more than her sexless neighbor and good friend, until a makeover suddenly sent her libido over the edge with desire for the geeky male. Now, Dylan's long kept fantasy is becoming real and he'll give almost anything to keep her. He'll wear the uncomfortable clothes. He'll attend her dinners that are shark infested waters. He'll even stomach the boredom of her company picnic. Thankfully, though, the guy has his limits.

I always feel for the guys that pine for women that are just so self involved with their own lives and standards that they never get a real chance. Of course, why the hell they're attracted to these kinds of women is another headache altogether. There's a difference between wanting what one can't have and wanting what one should never want.

So Dylan gets the girl, but on her terms. Then he gets used by the girl. When he has the audacity to be mad and hurt by it, said girl moves on to use someone else to get back at him. It's only when the new guy calls her on it does Erin realize, yep, she's a total bitch. Maybe Dylan wasn't offended by Erin, but I sure as hell was. 2 out of 5 stars.

Special thanks to Redd from The Wyld Hollow. This was a highly anticipated read of mine.


Courage of the Wolf

❝  "It doesn't matter, Brie. Because deep inside, I'm still a wolf pining for his mate.
And this wolf doesn't mate for life. He mates for an eternity." ❞

Courage of the Wolf
Bonnie Vanak
Published December 1st 2010 by Harlequin
ISBN 9781426870231

Werewolf Sabrina Kelly longs to put her family's brutal slaying by a demon behind her. Finding her destined mate might bring her solace...though in her heart, she knows she only wants her long-time friend Michael Anderson. Instinct tells Sabrina he desires her as strongly as she craves him, yet still he pushes her away...

As an immortal Justice Guardian, Michael has vowed to protect Sabrina...and deny his hunger for her. It's his duty to make Sabrina find the courage to challenge the demon once and for all—though it may cost him the only woman he could ever love.

Michael was once a Draicon werewolf, now born again as a Justice Guardian, and as much as he'd like to give this second life to spare Sabrina the battle that awaits her destiny, such is impossible. But what's worse than being unable to protect the one he loves from the evil that will hunt his mate, is having to be the one to release that evil upon her.

Sabrina has blocked the memory of most of what happened the night Ambrosis killed her family, even the Challenge she dealt out to the demon. Now, a year later, she must face him again.

The whole story is built around Sabrina and Michael re-realizing things that we as readers know nothing about so there's a lot of moments where you just have to say "O-kayyyy" and go with it. Lots of rule bending and breakage and some time manipulation. When it seems like it should be passing quickly, it's slow, and when it should be going slow, well, yeah... we're jumping hours, even years.

The surface skimming done with these two is enough to make them likeable. Even the tease we get with Tristan made me want him to stick around a wee bit longer. In the end, though, I'd rather feel a story evolving than simply having such things explained to me. Definitely didn't get the chance to bond with anyone. I would have liked to though. 3 out of 5 stars.

Special thanks to Redd from The Wyld Hollow.


Halo Hunter: Of Angels & Demons prequel

Halo Hunter
Michele Hauf
Published June 1st 2010 by Harlequin
First published May 20th 2010
ISBN 9781426857232

My name is Michael Donovan. I'm a halo hunter. And I want to believe.

For ten years I've been collecting halos, lost when fallen angels purposefully left heaven to mate with human women. But in all that time, I've never seen an angel. In Paris searching for halo number eighteen, I get a lucky break when a gorgeous woman named Vinny offers up the halo's location--for a price. Even though she sends up all kinds of warning signals, I can't resist her offer. She's too interesting, too mysterious...and way too sexy. Sure enough, soon I'm being shot at, followed by strange men, and learning more about the supernatural world from Vinny than I ever could have imagined. Why are the pretty ones always so dangerous?

I was hooked even before the Mulder analogies! Good thing, too, because I've already invested in, though have yet to read, books one and two in this series. Book three, Ashes of Angels, is due out in August.

Seriously, though, how can you read that blurb and not want to hang out with this guy?

In the past, prequels have been high on my avoid list. The majority that I've read, although intended to convert readers into fans, have had the complete opposite effect on me. This one however managed to get the job done, and got the job done right.

Conveying pertinent information through a casual delivery and flow, Halo Hunter also provides sincere entertainment while, on top of all that, having good fun at the expense of those notorious cliches out there. And bonus points-it's a male POV. It definitely gets you ready for a great series. The author's creativity, humor, and sense of adventure come surging and even though it's just a itty bitty prequel, it's really, surprisingly, good. 4 out of 5 stars.

Other books in this series:
Angel Slayer (Harlequin Nocturne)Fallen (Harlequin Nocturne)


Every Last Fantasy

Every Last Fantasy
Shiloh Walker
ISBN 9781419900938
Published December 15th 2004 by Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.

Vikky is discontented. She is tired of her vanilla life and the bumbling lovers who inhabit it. She wants—needs—a strong man to take charge and lead the way to her wild side.

She has dreams… She dreams of a man who makes all the other men in her life pale in comparison, a man who knows exactly what she wants, and he wants nothing more than to give it to her.

But such a guy, to her knowledge, doesn't exist in reality. So what else can a woman do at Christmastime to help that dream along? She can ask Santa for one. And my, oh my, does Santa listen...

When Erik agreed to help out an old friend by wearing a goofy costume and playing Santa for a weekend at a local mall, he had no idea that a sleek, sexy woman from his past would show up and whisper her dark, sexy daydreams into his ear. But he wasted no time in making her fantasies come true.

But something odd is going on. There is a connection between them that neither could have prepared for. A compulsion that drives them to risk all for the other's touch. Memories of a life lived in another era. Heartbreak and yearning for an enduring love that was destroyed by bitter hatred.

To overcome the anguish of their dark past, these lovers must relive the pain and horror of the events that shattered their lives so long ago. They must discover the reason for the otherworldly connection that enthralls them. Only then can they find happiness in this life.

Together, as they were always meant to be.

Even though the blurb is ridiculously long, so much so that I was tempted to it cut off and force into a link back to Goodreads, I just couldn't. This is a lot more than a lighthearted tale about a Christmas list and a woman looking for an alpha in the bedroom-reincarnation is at play.

When Vikky inherits a collection of treasures from her deceased aunt, she finds a mirror that triggers memories of a former life, simultaneously awakening the same in Erik.

When their current lives collide as Erik plays Santa at the local mall, they're given another chance to be together. But first, Erik embarks on a very daring, rather explosive, quest of seduction in which Vikky gets to experience her long kept secret fantasies. There's a heaviness found in this story that normally isn't woven into these light Christmastime smut stories, definitely marking it as a Shiloh Walker work of art. Definitely wished it had been longer though. 3 out of 5 stars.


A Mutual Favor

A Mutual Favor
Ann Jacobs
Kindle Edition, 186 pages
Published November 9th 2009 by Ellora's Cave (first published July 30th 2002)

Two good friends, two thorny problems.

Kurt needs a wife to convince a judge he can provide a stable home for his son. Shelly wants a baby to love. She's had a crush on him for years. He's never thought of her as anything more than his best buddy. So when she offers him a solution to both their problems, he's not sure. But knowing she wants him changes everything, and pretty soon he can't keep his mind or his hands off her...

If you're going to play the friends with benefits game, this is the only way to do it.

Never in his wildest fantasies has Kurt ever imagined Shelly as anything more than his best pal-until her abrupt confession of wanting a child (and the desire for him to father it), partnered with his lawyer's advice to take a wife to get more visits with his son, sets his world spinning. Now he count help the starving lust that's taken over his libido as he and Shelly honor an agreement that will give them both what they need. But for Shelly, the situation is far from everything she ever dreamed of. She's settling and she knows it.

Honest to the gods, Kurt does not deserve this woman! A virgin to both love and sex, Shelly has spent the last years as the best friend to the only man that's ever set her heart to flutter. It's a friendship most would envy but like every other woman in this world, she's forced to wait for Kurt to catch up and realize the possibility of what else they could be.

I hurt for Shelly. Couldn't read the pages fast enough because I so badly wanted her to find happiness and completion with this blind as a freaking bat of a man who really needed to get his act together. HEA does arrive, though way too realistically for my taste. 4 out of 5 stars.

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