Paul Melhuish
Published April 8th 2011 by Greyhart Press
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Emerging like fish from water, the shapes took form in the air and landed softy among the commuters. A hideous cold accompanied them. Confused passengers saw the monstrosities change shape from formless bodies into uniformed train guards. Uniformed train guards with rubbed-out faces and slits for mouths.

After the photophobes are summoned into our dimension, what hope is there for the survivors? One man, at least, is prepared to strike back!

At 6,000 words (equivalent to about 24 pages in paperback) this Greyhart Press eBook is the perfect length to enjoy on your lunch break, or to complement a drink in your favorite coffee house. Be warned, though, after reading this story you will want to keep the lights on for a long time.

An overzealous television performer decides to smash particles on live tv, claims ignorance to what could be inside the resulting black whole, only pushing that whatever it is, it would make for some great entertainment. And behold, a portal to hell was ripped open.

Despite its length, this story has a pull into its fantasy that most novels fail to achieve. There's not much depth. You won't go any further than a handful of memories and the current objective of the protagonist, but all of it is no less than you need. I don't typically go for those cliffhanger endings, but in this- where it was so simple to bring about the end of life as we know it- the conclusion of an equally simple, would-be solution fit beautifully.

I can only wish other freebies were written as well as this short story. Hell, I wish half the books I've paid for were written this well! 4 out of 5 stars.

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