For A Price

For A Price
Olivia Brynn
ebook, 120 pages
Published October 17th 2009
ISBN 9781458043306

You can't get blood from a stone. That's what Maureen Sullivan's mother always told her, but now it's collection time, and bill collectors aren't after blood; they want money. At this point, she'd do just about anything...for a price.

To get her mother out of the red, Maureen packs her tiny nest egg and runs to Las Vegas, hoping for a miracle. Once in Sin City, Maureen's Aunt Lottie shows her that the fastest way out of a financial hell doesn't lie in Maureen's luck at a blackjack table, but in the auction of a much more controversial commodity: Maureen's virginity. Vegas is the perfect place to cash in. What they decide to do will not only make headlines in the Nevada city, but around the world. The last thing Maureen needs right now is to fall for sexy Nicholas Webster, who's used to getting everything he wants. Because when the time comes, she'd have to betray the man she's come to love in order to fulfill her contract. Will she be able to sell herself? And at what price?

I'm not sure which bat out of hell possessed me to add this book to my TBR. My outrage doesn't stem from the fact that she's selling her virginity, because a part of me does believe prostitution should be legalized if only to give women some regard to their virginity. I would however, dare to hope that the man a woman falls in love with isn't the type to pay for it. Where the heck are all the standards in America??

Despite the foundation, this twisted Cinderella story does play out rather well. Nick manipulates the situation into one that gives all parties a happily ever after, proving that although he is very much a selfish bastard, he does manage an ample amount of empathy. Believable, though, this story is not. 2 out of 5 stars.

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