The Forbidden Bride

The Forbidden Bride
Debra Cowen
The Hot Zone, book six
ebook, 154 pages
Published March 1st 2010 by Silhouette
ISBN 9781426850295

Jilted. Betrayed. Hurt. Detective Robin Daly would never forget what being left at the altar felt like. Nor would she forget the part Nate Houston had played in it all. One word from him had caused everything to crumble: her wedding, her trust in men…and the respect she'd once had for him.

A string of arson-murders brings fire marshal Nate Houston back to Presley, Oklahoma—and back into Robin's life. To end the crime spree, he and Robin must work together. But to handle the desire between them, they must settle the past.

Another reviewer of this book stated that it was cheesy. I don't think it quite crossed that line but yes, romance is abundant.

Five years ago, Nate convinced Robin's fiance to call off the wedding within the very hour of the blessed event. She never got an explanation, from anyone, and has lived with a bitter resentment towards Nate ever since.

Nate believes Robin knows all about the affair that forced him to do what he did on that day, but seeing her again proves otherwise. As they work the case, Robin manages to put away her feelings drudged up by the past and begins to get to know Nate for the man he truly is, ultimately falling for him in the process. When he confesses the truth she should have known all along, he's there for her comfort and as the story goes on, continues to protect her as he always meant to do.

Both Robin and Nate been burned by marriage. Neither are looking for a committed relationship, barely wanting companionship at all, but that all changes as their jobs push them together. As the timeline stretches in this story, the progressing relationship becomes very realistic. The transition from strangers to friends to lovers is handled with care and is a joy to experience. My one disappointment, though, would be the identity of the arsonist. Very blah in that regard. 3 out of 5 stars.


Redd said...

I'm jiggy with this book. Probably because OK is mentioned in the mix and he looks like Alcide from TB. :) And I'm getting hooked on the rs..

>The transition from strangers to friends to lovers is handled with care and is a joy to experience. < *coughgag* XD

I could read. XD

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

Hey, I can't help it if people falling in love makes me happy! XP