I, Zombie

I, Zombie
Clive Bonnet (and Nick Spalding)
Kindle Edition
Published July 13th 2011 by Racket Publishing
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"My name is Jim Monroe and I am a zombie.

"My natural life on this planet has ceased and I've been re-animated to stalk the world as a pale, hollow imitation of my former self.

"I'm different from my undead brethren though... I'm a zombie with a brain.

"This is the short, shocking story of how I came to be this way."

Anyone who's ever cared enough to watch a zombie flick should appreciate this short story. Told through the POV of Jim Monroe, he recollects how he came to realize he had become one of the living dead and describes the events that led him to pen his experience.

Though graphic during certain situations, the mood remains light and entertaining as the author assigns humor to just about everything Jim encounters.

As I've already stated, it's hard (if not impossible) to feel fear physically when your body has more or less shut itself down.
     ...ditto shock.
     ...ditto surprise.
     So when the bedroom door banged open violently and my hideously decaying girlfriend appeared with arms outstretched, my body didn't react all that much.
     Perhaps a slight twitch and a wobble on my heels, but that was about it.
     In my mind however, this was going on: 'Aarrgghh! Ohshitohchristohfuckme! Aarrgghh!'

At the price of free, this quick read will cost you nothing but five minutes of your life. And it's more than worth it. 5 out of 5 stars.


Redd said...

I can't *even* believe that you read this book let alone enjoyed it. lol!

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

What? er.. uh... it was good!

Redd said...

^ ^