Immortal Temptress: Devil's Promenade #1

Immortal Temptress
Aileen Fish
Devil's Promenade, book one
Published July 24th 2011 by Aileen Fish
ISBN 2940012759429
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May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead.

Enya’s job is to escort the dying on their final journey, to make sure their souls get to heaven before a demon can steal their bodies. For centuries she has done this without emotion, until the body in question belongs to Kane Sullivan. Not only does she desire his rock-hard body, she can't bear the thought of him dying. But she’s not supposed to become emotionally involved in a death. Kane's sudden run of near-fatal accidents always happen when Enya is present. She might be hot, but he's not willing to die to get to know her. Then he discovers she’s fighting for his soul. That damned immortal temptress might be the death of him.

I really enjoyed this one. It doesn't have any huge declarations of love although there is somewhat of a soulmate factor as Kane feels driven to keep Enya by his side. Everything else though is a matter of choice-not fate-even one's choice to become an immortal. That, and the Council's easy deference to Enya, were the few details I felt a resistance to.

The smut is mild, and not at all graphic, and the romance is based around attraction more than anything else. All in all, it certainly did the trick of urging me to continue on with this series. 3 out of 5 stars.

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