A Soldier's Redemption

A Soldier's Redemption
Rachel Lee
Mass Market Paperback, 224 pages
Published December 1st 2010 by Harlequin
ISBN 9780373277056

When her husband's murder forces Cory Farland into the Witness Protection Program, she has to make a fresh start in a brand-new place. In Conard County, she has no past. Until former Navy captain Wade Kendrick moves in. The enigmatic ex-SEAL reawakens passion…and dares Cory to dream of a future.

He can't run forever…

Wade didn't come to the Wyoming small town to play bodyguard. But Cory needs a boarder and he needs a place to decompress. And now the guarded widow is arousing something that goes deeper than his protective instincts. With Cory's life under the gun, there isn't anything Wade won't do to keep her safe and claim the love that could redeem them both.

Cory has spent the last couple years of her life in constant fear after her husband was gunned down in cold blood. She, too, suffered a bullet and lost her pregnancy along with her spouse. Able to identify the hired gun, she's been placed in Witness Protection and moved to Conard County where her financial resources are quickly dwindling and her life has yet to move on.

Wade is a recently retired Navy Seal who's looking to find peace and rebuild himself as a civilian. The choices he's made throughout his career, toppled onto his difficult childhood, have left him haunted. He doesn't talk much, doesn't socialize at all, and paranoia still has a hold on his psyche.

Cory and Wade are brought together by the town sheriff just as Cory receives a daunting phone call message 'I know where you are'. She freaks. Wade offers what comfort he can, never pushing for information, and Cory begins to feel drawn to the man. She begins to hope. He begins to make a emotional connection. ...And that's about the gist of the story. I do love these Conard County books, but I never really bought in to the main characters of this one. 3 out of 5 stars.

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