Wicked Werewolf Passion: Werewolf Society #3

Wicked Werewolf Passion
Lisa Renee Jones
Werewolf Society, book three
Published August 2012 by Lisa Renee Jones

Shi is a wolf whose been shunned by the Royal Guard he once fought for, the head of a mercenary team that does the jobs too dirty for everyone else. His newest job is to find, and kidnap, the gorgeous daughter of a high ranking member of the council, and make him confess he’s working for the enemy. Dirty work, but someone has to do it. Only this gorgeous wolf isn’t about to believe her father is on the bad side of the fence, nor does she have plans to be anyone’s captive. In fact…she might just make Shi her captive.

This story kicks off six years before book one-Wicked Werewolf Night, fast forwards eleven months, then lands on present day with a hell of a lot less confusion than WWN. That doesn't mean I didn't have at least one question. Like *why* does Alexander want Shi dead? Is it the evil magic, or the simple fact that he's trying to mate his daughter, Carmen, before she's of claiming age. After book one, I was in the mood to just have it spelled out for me.

Carmen, thankfully, had more fight in her than Aylia.
  • “Who do you belong to?” he asked, lifting his head. 

    “I told you, damn it. Fucking me isn’t going to make me yours.” She reached up and tore the tie from his hair, letting the waves of raven hair streaked with red fall wildly around his shoulders. “It just makes me wish I was.”

Next up is book two, Kole's story. I know, I know. I'm screwey. But I'm hoping I saved the best for last.

3 out of 5 stars.

On a side note... lookie what I found!

Set in an alternate universe of the Knights of White series.

The Knights of White serve ArchAngel Raphael.

The Enforcers -- known by those of the otherworld as SONS OF GABRIEL -- serve ArchAngel Gabriel.

Previously in the series:

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