Rogue Rider: Lords of Deliverance #4

"I'm five thousand years old... 
But the day you found me in the woods, that's when my life started."

Rogue Rider
Larissa Ione
Lords of Deliverance, book four
ebook, 380 pages
Published November 20th 2012 by Piatkus
ISBN 9780749955571

They're here.

They ride.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Born of a match between good and evil, four siblings stand between hell's minions and everything they want to destroy. They are the Lords of Deliverance, and they have the power to ward off Doomsday... or let it ride...

The prophecies were there but no one listened. Until now.

Jillian Cardiff came to this remote mountain town to forget the demon attack that almost killed her. Instead, she rescues - and falls for - a gorgeous stranger who has no memory of anything other than his name. Handsome, charming and protective, Reseph seems like the kind of man that Jillian can trust. But with hints of a troubling history of his own, he's also the kind of man that can be very dangerous...

Reseph may not know his background, or why he mysteriously appeared in Jillian's life, but he knows he wants to stay. Yet when Jillian's neighbours are killed and demon hunters arrive on the scene, Reseph fears that he's putting Jillian in danger. And once it's revealed that Reseph is also Pestilence, the Horseman responsible for ravaging the world with death and destruction, he and Jillian must face the greatest challenge of all: can they forget the horrors of a chilling past to save the future they both desire?
I knew this book was going to be good (despite the amnesia that the story opens upon) but my level of focus, or lack thereof, being what it is lately I chose to put it off lest I fail to savor the epic goodness inside. 

Then my last read happened, and I desperately needed something to put the fire back in my fantasies. Enter the Lords of Deliverance. 

Oh Reseph. The best of them. Now, alone, naked in a snow laden forest with no memory of ever being Pestilence, the Horsemen whose seal had broken. Saved by his siblings in the last book, Reseph knows only his name now. And that he doesn't like being alone. 

When Jillian, survivor of a demon attack, finds him face down in the middle of the forest with an impending blizzard on the rise, she loads him up on her horse's sled and drags him home. And kudos to Jillian. This girl's a keeper.

Despite the loss of Reseph's memory, the core of him remains. His instincts, and the familiar, are all at the forefront of his consciousness. Computers are familiar. Condoms, not so much. Love? First time falling for this warrior.

So many good things happen in this book. Limos gets pregnant. Yays for Arik! And Reaver finds out he's a father. Oh yeah! And not just *any* father, no- he's the father of the Four fucking Horsemen! Reaver *is* Yenrieth.

And Reseph murders their mother. yeah...

Reaver and Harvester go beyond the definition of fascinating for me. Betrayed by Harvester, a Fallen Angel and co-Watcher of the Horsemen, Reaver has been tortured violently, his wings cut from him, and has been left for months to be slowly digested over and over again in the belly of one of Hell's creatures. But Harvester, despite her many many sins to the contrary, is not all bad. Unfortunately (Or fortunately?), she plays by her own rules. For very good reasons. She loves the Horsemen. Has been watching over them since their births. And even saved Than's life when he was a child.

Anway-- She cons Reaver, offering his freedom, for the location of Reseph to which he refuses to trade. So she offers up another bargain: Reaver goes free if, at a time of her choosing, he must submit to her for the sole purpose of sexual pleasure for a full 24 hours. Original? No. Deviously wonderful? Yes! Although appalled (and I honestly couldn't fathom why) Reaver agrees and the deal is sealed with a kiss. One that Reaver is flabbergasted at having enjoyed.

I am so stoked that these two get their own book--due out December 17th! Reaver being the daddy was just the icing on the molten chocolate cake. Finding out Harvester has been a spy for Heaven ALL ALONG, oh yeah!

I could have easily gone without the smut in this book if only to stay right there in the heat of Reaver and Harvester's spats. By the end of this installment both R&H have been removed as the Horsemen's Watchers. Harvester is being tortured by Satan, --her father!--, and Reaver has said fuck it all and is on his way to save their Fallen ally.

Reseph's battle against Pestilence is over in a blink. Which didn't affect me at all. I was turning pages for Reaver alone.

5 out of 5 glorious stars!

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