Divided: Brides of the Kindred #10

"Go on Far - show me more." -Truth

Evangeline Anderson
Brides of the Kindred, book ten
Kindle Edition, 483 pages
Published March 12th 2014 by Evangeline Anderson Books

One girl who was supposed to be a nun

Two hot twin warriors separated at birth

Both of them want her
But neither one can have her alone.
Because with Twin Kindred, it takes two...

How does a girl who's about to take her vows as a nun wind up with two hot warriors to pick from?

That's Becca Malone's problem. After eating a piece of bonding fruit cake, she wound up with Far and Truth, Twin Kindred warriors who were separated at birth and never formed a proper Twin bond. Because the twins hate each other, Becca feels free to choose between them...until the three of them fall into a vision of unspeakable terror...a vision that is about to come true if Far and Truth don't quickly form a bond. And guess who has to be the bridge between them?

Becca is scared to death she's going to wind up bonded for life and Far and Truth aren't too thrilled about the prospect of sharing her. But when the ominous vision sends them on a trip to a rogue planet where the inhabitants live out their lives in a strange, mental internet called the Mindscape, they have no choice but to come together in the most intimate way possible.

Becca comes to realize she can't choose between the light twin, sweet and gentle Far and the dark twin, intense and passionate Truth. But how can she be with both of them at once when the twins have sworn to be forever...Divided?

Years ago, a ship was attacked as it transported a number of families and pregnant women through space. Among them, were a bonded Twin Kindred and their mate who was in labor. The female died after she birthed but one of her twins and one of her husbands died protecting them. Her other mate, Feels Much, took the newborn (Truth) and escaped to the planet of Pax, where the Rai-ku dwell. The remaining babe (Far) was birthed soon after and was adopted by a Twin Kindred family who raised him accordingly.

The Rai-ku live in a strict culture where mates are possessively protected and never shared. Touch, between males even among the same family is limited to acts of aggression and fighting. They'll shake arms, rarely. Truth was raised to be as the Rai-Ku. He does not seek his brother, or to share his intended mate.

Rebecca once aspired to be a nun, but the effects of the bonding fruit and her meeting of the brothers Far and Truth quickly ended that dream. Her long instilled beliefs are slow to follow. Raised by devout religious parents, Becca balks at the idea of being with two men at once, and even plays at choosing between Far and Truth. A plot to which the brothers willingly agree. Truth defies the thought of being bonded to another male while Far is equally loathe to the idea of bonding with a brother who doesn't want him... despite the longing he has always possessed for his twin.

Too bad. So sad. It doesn't work that way for the Twin Kindred. All or nothing, both or none, are the rules of the game.

After a possessed Donald (Maggie's ex-fiance) manages an attack on the unmated males aboard the Mother Ship, it's up to Rebecca, Truth, and Far to procure the enchanted amulet once used by an ancient race to rid the males of their demon possession. They venture into space, to a planet long dead and void, where the survivors fled into a world of virtual reality in order to carry on. There, by thorough manipulation, Rebecca and her to-be-mates relive the worst traumas of their lives in order to forge a bond to be of one mind.

Far's role left me breathless as he coaxed Truth to shed his long adhered to beliefs in the right and wrongs of sharing mates. Tempting Truth with his most natural desires and urges... Holy hotness!

With Far and Truth's Twin Kindred bond at long last secure, Truth goes all in. As their quest brings him back to Pax, where he must confront his stepmother and people, he's forced to become an exile and nearly loses his life to his younger half-brother, Garron, in order to do so. When the Rai-Ku call for a death match so that only one male may claim Rebecca, Truth is, at first, ordered to fight Far, who (fortunately and unfortunately) is already on the brink of death from the Rai-Ku's attack). Deceptively, Garron steps in to fight for him, (and so his uncle will not) and swears to protect Rebecca once Truth is dead. The two half-brothers have their own plan and through a brilliant, yet risky move, all four of them manage to escape Pax with the amulet in hand.

I intended to skim this book. Triangles and three-ways don't do it for me the way they do for others out there. But the more I read, the more I kept reading. Until every word had been absorbed into my self. All 162,000+ of them.

Far made the book for me. He was exactly what his character needed to be and Anderson scripted every turn so very well. From who gets the first kiss to the firsts of so many other things. Even who gets to die. Kat and her guys in no way compared to these three. Can't stand that woman anyway.

4 out of 5 stars.

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