B785 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines #3)

Forehead, meet console.

Eve Langlais
Cyborgs: More Than Machines, book three
ebook, 215 pages
Published April 11th 2013 by self published
ISBN 9781927459324

When cyborg intelligence meets sensual robotics circuit boards sizzle.

Einstein was probably the only cyborg in existence with no interest in the opposite sex, until he discovered B785. With her sensual nature and quirky sense of humor, she draws this cybernetic geek out of his scientific shell and teaches him the one thing he’s never understood – passion.

Tired of being a slave to the military, Bonnie went to sleep one day with the intention of never waking up, but she didn't count on a cybernetic prince charming bringing her back to life. Coming to terms with her past isn't easy, but harder still is the realization that even a bionic princess can fall in love.

However, all fairy tales have a villain, and despite the fact the military wrote them both off as a loss, they soon discover they’ll need to fight to have their happily ever after.

Einstein has no interest in sex. He's a tech cyborg, and likely the last of his variety.

When Aramus and Seth venture to a well known bordello, Einstein tags along in search of goods with hopes of trading. He ends up employed the entire visit by the bordello owner, earning pay and a deep discount for his brothers while he tends to the repairs of some well beaten sexbots. At the end of his task, he discovers a sealed crate with a female bot that has been deemed a dud. The owner has no need of her, and Einstein finds her too appealing to leave behind to be destroyed, so when presented as a gift for his hard work, he accepts wholeheartedly. For purely scientific reasons.

When Bonnie lost her sister, Chloe, and believed herself alone and destined to be the last of her kind, she shut down. Literally.

Once Chloe and Fiona confirm, via photo, that Bonnie is one of their sisters, Einstein is filled with regret for not saving her in time. He then, quite illogically, kisses her lips. Even more strange, it was the poor guy's first kiss ever. Immediately, Bonnie awakens, and doesn't miss a beat. She can't stop talking, flirting, joking... It's all Einstein can do to get her some water without shutting his own self down from shock. The others just end up staring in horror.
  • "I'm Bonnie, formerly known as B785, or as the general liked to fondly call me, that irritating bloody bitch. But you can call me your newest pain in the ass."
Why, oh why, did the geek get the slut? 'Prime girlfriend material' my ass! Seth has seriously lost it. Aramus-he had the right idea. And the ending? No friggin way! I was expecting one of them to have a past with a woman. Being first edition, I suspected it to be Aramus. Wasn't suspecting it to be Seth.

3 out of 5 stars. They are nothing if not consistent.

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