Glaciem (Frost Station Alpha #5) by Ruby Lionsdrake

"There was no need to kill me. I was already yours by then."

Ruby Lionsdrake
Frost Station Alpha, part five
Kindle Edition, 43 pages
Published August 27th 2015

Lieutenant Tamryn Pavlenko wants to make a name for herself in the GalCon Fleet, so naturally she requests an assignment on the infamous Frost Station Alpha, where pirate attacks are a way of life. The remote research outpost holds secrets that many are willing to kill for, and Tamryn is prepared to protect it from brigands, mobsters, and mercenaries—or whatever the galaxy throws at her.

The brochure, however, failed to mention the genetically engineered super humans who were supposed to have all been killed in a war that ended more than a century ago. It seems they’re not only alive, but they want the station. Oh, and one of them decides he wants Tamryn too.

This powerful warrior might be sexy and intriguing, but he was bred to kill, and she can’t let herself forget that he’s the enemy.

*Frost Station Alpha is a science fiction romance published in six parts.

Oooooo, Makkon's desperation leads him to make some major mistakes in part five's Glaciem. With the Fleet's impending arrival to take back control of the station, and likely murder Makkon and each of this men in cold blood, Makk grabs Tamryn against her will and steals his escape aboard the very vessel he arrived on. Brax and the others are, by default, abandoned to survive until, and if, the ransom for Tamryn can be met.

Unfortunately for Makkon, his last minute decision is met with ill regard from those in authority among his people. And while Tamyn's initial reaction to this whole fiasco is to escape him-especially after he threatens her very father to use her as breeding stock-her ultimate goal is to help save those whom the rest of the galaxy has rejected and forgotten.

And then one of the Glaciens goes rogue and Tamryn's chance at escape ends up being the last thing she wants.

4 out of 5 stars.

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