My Savior (Bewitched and Bewildered #4)

"I don't mind bathing myself in your blazing light,
knowing that my cremation will set you free."

My Savior
Alanea Alder
Bewitched and Bewildered, book four
Kindle Edition, 237 pages
Published August 25th 2015 by Sacred Forest Publishing

Amelia has dreamt of her mate since she was a little girl. All her life visions of a golden prince have warmed her heart and promised a fairy-tale future. She longs for the day when they will finally be together.

When the fateful day arrives and she meets Darian for the first time, she is nearly destroyed by his unequivocal rejection. His continued denial of their destined relationship has her doubting her own self worth and the visions she has had all her life.

Darian is teetering on the edge. He refuses to acknowledge Amelia as his mate and shadows continue to spread across his heart. He has grown used to the emptiness in his soul and almost fears the barrage of emotions she elicits. When an unexpected tragedy sends Darian spiraling into a hopeless abyss, will Amelia have the strength to pull him out, or will she succumb to her own darkness?

Amelia found her mate when she was six years old and spent the next three decades waiting for the moment they'd begin their life together. Unfortunately, her prince, Darian, a Fae serving in the Alpha Unit, has spent those same thirty years believing he was turning feral. When they finally again find each other, Darian is convinced it's far too late for him and chooses to deny their bond and send her away.

But Amelia, deemed Bubbles by Meryn herself, isn't about to give up that easily.

Darian goes through the stages rather quickly. From 1) You're not my mate, to 2) You are my mate, but you don't belong here, to 3) You're mine, I'm yours, and I'll give you whatever time I have left. The irony, whether humorous or not, is that to save himself, Darian need only to go home and let mommy make it all better. It was a cute addition to the series, although all I truly took away from it was a well placed curiosity towards Kendrick.

3 out of 5 stars.

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