Alexandra's Legacy

Alexandra Riley is a daddy's girl.

James Riley, once known as James Leveau, is a werewolf (former alpha), and has spent the last twenty-two years protecting his only child from the dangers of the world. Even those from her own people, for Alex is half wolf and half human. For that reason there are those who want her dead, lest she taint the blood of the future wolves.

But years have passed and there are few females left. Now, those that don't want her dead want her as their mate.

Enter Joshua Striker, a protector of James' former pack, with his brothers Isaiah, Micah, Levi, and Simon. (always gotta love the Biblical theme) He has been sent by their new alpha (James' brother) to bring her home.

Again, the female of this book had my hand tingling with the urge to backhand her pretty face... one more word about coffee.. just one more.. and *POP*... Seriously, when you've got raging wolves on your tail, you don't stop for coffee!

This is as much James' story as Alexandra's. Going into his past, learning of the death of his mate and his abandoning of the pack really brings him to the front of the tale. I anxiously await Isaiah's story though. As Joshua's older brother, it was meant to be his duty to step up as the protector of the pack. But he didn't. And the epilogue did well in shedding some light on his emotions.

Joshua was great. The strong, honorable type that fights his animal instincts to ensure Alex gets a proper choice. Though... when Alex and her father get reunited after a two days struggle to get to the pack lands, and Joshua pulls her back from going to James, I didn't know whether to melt or punch him.

Ok, yeah, I melted.

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