Cry Sanctuary

Somehow I managed to read this and *not* blog about it.

After the prequels Becoming and the first Little Things story, you get to this, the story of Keith as a grown man. He is awesomeness all rolled into a wolfish ball, serving as Gavin's beta.

His best line comes in the very beginning, when he shows up to save the day. "She is safe" he tells Dylan. "She's with me."

Cocky self awareness. He knows he's bad ass.


Abigail spent an afternoon with her friend Dylan and some of their pals. There she meets Dylan's friend Allen who hits on her and she politely evades his advances. Shortly after she's attacked by a werwolf and turned. Comes to find out Dylan is also a werewolf. Allen is his prick of an alpha. And now, Allen wants her in his pack.

Even though Dylan is considered low in pack ranking he helps Abigail escape to Red Rock, a sanctuary for werewolves led by Gavin Hamilton. Now, even though she's survived Allen, the problem now is that she has to keep surviving.

Or so seems to be the theme of each book.

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