Dark Lies

Oh my, but this was good! Well, except for that one minor event with the webcams. Could have lived without that. Seriously, where intimacy is concerned, technology should just stay the hell away.

In Dark Lies we enter a world of lycan CSI. An Otherworldly team consisting of a lycan, a vampire, and a witch.. and a few others are on the case of a serial rapist that is much more than he seems. Or she seems. *raised eyebrow* Apparently a continuation from book one, which focused on the vampire and because of such I chose to skip it, the case furthers, and even in the end, is still not over. Raves, panda branded ecstasy pills, and goat marked gang members are just some of the oddities that keep the book even more interesting as the lycan, Jace, tries to figure out just what secrets Tala is hiding. For she, too, is more than she appears.

And how can you not like a book whose characters' secret code word is 'I have the new season of The X-Files if you want to watch it.'

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