Darkness of the Wolf

The story opens with Guy caged in a zoo. His prison. Where he was sent as punishment for killing his pack's alpha thirty years ago. Now, he's given the chance for freedom. He must assist a woman named Kayla in securing a little girl called Brianna, the lone survivor of her pack's attack and deliver the girl to a man named Dell.

Kayla is a Draicon (a magical werewolf), as is Guy, but she has turned her back on it since her mother betrayed her and tossed her out of her life. And then her own pack sent her away. Now she needs the money she'll earn in delivering Brianna to save her business.

The moment she catches Guy's sent, Kayla is drawn to him and she doesn't know why. However, Guy does. It's a sweet story of two lonely souls finding comfort in one another. A bit of self sacrifice concludes with a very nice happily ever after.

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