Eyes Of Crow

So after nearly four years of owning this book, and it's successors, I finally picked it up to read. I suppose this little challenge isn't too bad.

It's a girl's coming of age story, which I more or less stay away from. The first hundred pages only served to strengthen my avoidance of the kind. Once Rhia left for her Bestowing in which she would learn to channel her animal spirit guide, the Crow, and left her childhood love, Arcus, behind things picked up a little. And got a tad better when she met Marek, a man whose link to his Wolf spirit has become somewhat uncontrollable since the death of his young wife and unborn child two years ago.

Alanka, though - the half sister of Rhia's half brothers, and also a wolf - was my favorite by far. Nilo and Lycas, the brothers, earned a close second. Especially once war came and my heart strings were finally and officially tugged.

But in a series where the heroine hears the approaching call of death, it's best that I don't get attached. Because *anyone* could be next.

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