Lord of the Highlands

Felicity is a girl who wants the fairy tale, the happily ever after, and she wants it with her Viking.

And so, with her aunt's deck of tarot cards and special candle, she gives herself a reading, and is immediately transferred back in time to 1658, where she meets William Rollo, a man who has one of the worst families one could ask for.

Injured at the age of seven when his elder brother forced Will's new pony into a mad rush, Will has a bad right knee, and walks with a cane that houses a hidden weapon. He is a war hero on the side of men who wish to see the rightful king restored to his throne.

Felicity is moon eyed over Will, but he wants to make it quite clear that he is no woman's man. He's never been with a woman and never wants to be wed.

Still, Felicity's non-stop talking and bold acts towards intimacy eventually win him over- which leaves, Jamie, his very jealous older brother who wants nothing more than to destroy everything Will ever loved, on a one minded course to get rid of Felicity, and his brother, no matter the cost.

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