The beginning of this book had a grip on me from the very first few lines. Erin, a psychic, is running, running from the feeling of being watched. She's felt so ever since she was nearly killed by a bus some time ago when a man saved her life only to disappear. Today, though, the feeling is stronger, and she's convinced she's being stalked.

Five years ago, Erin received a letter from her birth mother warning her that on her thirtieth birthday, her real father would seek her out and steal her powers. So she has some real reason to be afraid.

She runs into a little shop, and hides in the back, where her eyes settle on a ivory knife. She touches the weapon and secures it in her hand, ready for what she knows is coming. A vision. Suddenly she's on a ship in a raging storm, centuries ago, where a man named Santos is brutally killed with the weapon. The vision changes, and he is alive, swordfighting another man in modern day San Diego. In both visions, he sees her, too, and attempts to communicate.

Sequel to Eternally, Nevermore has basically the same plot. Differences being, Erin is half-witch/half-demon and Santos is (obviously) a Spaniard... which means I had to endure the first few pages, and some others, having Spanish screamed at me. And I can't stand the Spanish language. Nails on a chalkboard.

It was good. The first was better. And why are the women always getting stabbed in these books? And who the heck was the mystery guy that saved her life...twice?

"What is going on? I died. I remember dying. I told you I loved you and then I died. So why am I alive? Why am I in pain? And what the hell happened to my big sacrificial exit line?"

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