Return of the Wolf

So many wonderful things were in Return of the Wolf. Karen Whiddon is quickly becoming one of those authors whose books I'll always be waiting for.

Fishing. Soulmates. Shapeshifters. Reincarnation. All yays!

Memphis wins a weekend of fishing and Gideon, a wolf shapeshifter is assigned as her guide. This was a story of two people, destined mates, finding one another and knowing from the very first moment their eyes met that they were meant to be together. Instantly random facts about one another find their way into each other's minds. From favorite colors to favorite foods to just different tidbits that make a person unique.

From there, faced with his mate, Gideon reveals the truth about himself. And Memphis is forced to accept it or leave him forever. She knows he's her soulmate. That they've lived before and something went wrong. Despite her fears of him, she wants desperately to make everything right. If only Gideon would believe...

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