Wild Thing

Back in the world of Nick Carter.

No, not the Backstreet Boy.

Nick Carter, the Sentinel, in all his pimp glory.

Yep. In this one, Nick assigns Mark and Teya to be partners in a sensitive task. But he also has other reasons for this partnership. Mark has had it bad for Teya since high school, but he's never been able to take his animal - the lion - while Teya is amazing as a cheetah.

At the same time, Teya has been crushing on Mark, the sexy, mysterious older guy for the same amount of time. But both are convinced that they don't exist to the other person.

Throw in the fact that Teya isn't initiated... that is, hasn't had sex with a male Sentinel... her powers aren't at their full potential. It's a kill two birds with one stone kinda story...

And it chafed the skin. The way this one was written made me want to scream. The sentences are so long and drawn out.. I couldn't make heads or tails of what was happening at times. Enough with the commas. Use a period once and a while for hell's sake!

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