Wolf in Waiting

How do I begin to talk about this book? There are no words to express how much I enjoyed it.

Noel Duprey was the standard against which all others were measured. Yes, I like that sentence and no, it didn't hurt me at all that it was said repeatedly in the book. As the newest heir to the St Clair corporation, a corporation run by and for werewolves, it becomes his duty to find the traitor that's selling and leaking company secrets.

Victoria St Clair is the bottom of the pack because of what she is - an anthromorph. She can't Change and is therefore stuck in her human form. And she prefers it that way. All of her life other werewolves have turned their back on her, humiliating her, harrassing her. Even at work, her record is the poorest of the poor. She has been passed over for promotion again and again while her work has been stolen by coworkers and superiors.

But it was to her that Noel was sent.

And all I can give you is this - that going in, the truths you find will becomes lies in the end.

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