Alpha Wolf: Westervelt #5

Alpha Wolf
Rebecca Royce
Westervelt, book five
Published by Liquid Silver
ISBN 9781595787927

Michael Kane arrives in New Orleans in search of his missing sister. Although he does not find her, he does, in fact, find his mate. She is a shifter, a member of the pack of wolf shifters who, until recently, hid his sister from Michael's father Kendrick Kane. But Scarlett Knoll is not like any other wolf-shifter Michael has ever met and Michael realizes quickly that it won't be a fast courtship to win the heart of the lady he has waited over two hundred years to meet.

Latent, which means that her wolf never presented, Scarlett has been beaten and abused by a wolf pack that has been led for years by dysfunctional Alphas bent on power instead of protection. When she meets Michael, she instinctually knows he's her mate. However, she expects him to abandon her for someone else who is capable of shifting.

Left with no other choice, Michael will have to teach the wolves in the New Orleans pack how real Alpha shifters behave, while showing his mate he is a man of his word.

We've finally made it off the island. Yay!! ...only to land in New Orleans. Fuck. And with even weaker weres, too. Double fucked. Though seriously, I am glad to be off the island. That place can only be burned down so many times.

Michael, eldest of the Westervelt brothers, waits in a bar for a member of the local pack. In walks a female but she's not just any female. She's his mate. His very injured mate. We're talking Rihanna-post-Chris-Brown here. She can barely speak but her sense of smell is still strong and she proceeds to apologize for being his mate and informing him that the magic can be removed.

Michael is flabbergasted. And mad. Angry mad.

Scarlett is... well, pathetic. Albeit with good reason. She's been abused, raped, and dominated in every sense of the word. The males of the pack are equally ridiculous. They've been trained to shift and drop to the ground as a sign of apology. I could picture it all too well and it's hilarious!

My favorite part was probably when Michael's wolf tried to communicate with Scarlett's dormant wolf. It took control of Michael's body, leaned into Scarlett, stared into her eyes, and asked 'Why are you hiding?' Oh yeah, freaky.

By the end, Michael has not only saved Scarlett's life and very soul, he also buys her a freakin' car! And she goes completely OCD over it. LOL.

We also end up home again on the island. Where it burns. AGAIN! 3 out of 5 stars.

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Redd said...

Okay. This is by far *the* most hilarious review of yours I have *eva* read. Cracked me up!! And boy did I need it...:)

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

Glad to make you smile. =)