The Omega: A Cedarville Novella

The Omega
A Cedarville Novella
Cynthia Carole
Kindle Edition
Published May 5th 2010 by Purple Sword Publications, LLC

Can she betray the only man she’s ever loved to save her son? Or has this omega been pushed too far…

In the werewolf pack, the omega comes last. Leslie understood early in life that to fight back only brought her violence and pain. She learned to obey her father, the packmaster, in all things, even betraying her lover on his orders. But now, he has pushed her too far, and Leslie must turn to the exiled alpha she once wronged and see if he will trust her one last time.

Leslie and Chris embark on a dark and nightmarish race through the underworld of werewolves, vampires, and even the mysterious fae to save their son… but is it all just another betrayal?

My first trip to Cedarville was through The Alpha. My second, The Windigo. Both pretty good reads that totally left me interested and willing to come back for more. And holy hopping crickets, batman! It was good!! It's probably, and very likely, the best of the three.

FYI- Chris is the brother of the heroine of The Alpha. Leslie is the daughter of the pack Alpha, and stepdaughter to Chris' mother. This pack has issues galore!

Four years ago, something happened between Leslie and Chris. There was a night of passion and a betrayal on Leslie's part. Together they have a son Chris knows nothing about and Chris has lived as an outcast of his former pack since then. But now, Leslie needs him and they discover upon reuniting, that during that one night years ago, their wolves bonded, and mated.

I didn't care for the cryptic and vague first part of the book that kept their past clouded in mystery. But when the author does decide to let go, she drops it like a hot plate. Suddenly, everything is out in the open and it's a tidal wave of daaaamn's as the past comes back to completely topple the main characters.

"You're not going alone, and you're not going to beg."
"I'd do anything for my son." She crossed her arms.
"Yes, I know. Except tell his father he exists—"

I gotta say, the Fae in Cedarville have some seriously freaky powers. Chris, too, was a surprise. I do love my storybook lawyers. No way did I see the dragon possession though. I think that was my favorite. My only complaint would be that I really would have liked more interaction between Chris and his son, Elliot. 4 out of 5 stars.

But a werewolf didn't fall because of one punch, even one that would have shattered the jaw of a human. He stumbled back, his mouth bleeding, and Chris knew the rule of fighting for dominance. You didn't wait. It was like coming after a witness on the stand—the follow up question was far more important than the initial set up. And you never let your opponent get time to settle their thoughts or regain their balance. He slammed the man with his other fist, then grabbed him by the hair and rammed his head into his raised knee. The thunk of bone on bone was loud in the hallway.

He stepped back, shaking his hand where his knuckles hurt. "And that's just my opening argument," he said with a glare. "Wait until you hear the rest."

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