An Everlasting Bite: Blue Bloods, #1

An Everlasting Bite
Stacey Kennedy
Blue Bloods, book one
ebook, 115 pages
Published November 15th 2010 by Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 9781595787606

Love is born between strangers, yet built upon a bond soul deep―

One Alpha’s vow to protect his mate from looming danger, all the while, mending her soul and stirring her wolfish desires.

A vicious Werewolf attack in Plymouth, Minnesota leaves a young woman violated, bitten and now, transformed into a Werewolf. But Rynn Murphy doesn’t have to face this transformation alone—she has her mate by her side. And the charming Briggs is eager to ease her into this new life and mend her battered soul.

With only weeks to adjust to her new fur, Rynn begins to understand what it truly means to be mated to the Beta, secondhand man to Valor, Patriarch of Wolves. Their leadership over the Alphas brings them in contact with the Montana Alpha, Hendrix. He is in a desperate state to find his abducted daughter. Valor and Briggs agree to give aid in her rescue leaving Rynn to tag along.

But this mission is not without danger. And soon, they discover the ones who have taken this young wolf do not want her found and will stop at nothing to keep her hidden. Or so it may seem, as bodies begin to drop around them, the murderous attempts start to appear more as a hit than a smoke screen—leaving only one question, who is the intended target…

In some ways, when just beginning this book, you can't help but feel dropped in the middle of a story. Hell, one might even feel you're in the middle of a book IN the middle of a series. And yet, as it goes on, more and more is recollected and revisited until you're left with a much smaller gap than one might expect.

Rynn's been changed. There was apparently an entire plot behind it but what's done is done. Rynn has also already found her mate. Briggs. She's accepted him, too. Now here's where we come in as Rynn has just learned that her new friend, Nexi, who, although in love with and engaged to Kydin, is the destined mate of the lord of the Underworld. So I'm a chapter in and I've got a trilogy's worth of drama at my fingertips.

[Question: Anyone know if Nexi and Kydin are from another book? Because they totally dropped off the face of the earth after the first chapter.]

Moving on...

Need I confess of the instant liking I took to Briggs? With Rynn's attack and change, she was also raped and left rather fragile for a while. Where is Briggs? Sleeping in a chair by her bed of course. Aww... And OMG, the guy is on a nonstop course to put to right everything that's gone wrong in Rynn's life. Woot woot for Briggs!!

Now I must have been blinded by the love fest in the book because I really didn't see the motive for the villain coming. Oh sure, I had an inkling on who the guilty party was but the reasons behind it? Nope. Just didn't click. And it was rather obvious, wasn't it? Go figure. 5 out of 5 stars.

Rynn shuddered a little from his touch, watched his finger as it danced on her skin, then glanced back to him. “Well, where is home?”

“Not far from here, just a couple miles or so.” It pleased him to see flickers of arousal in her, even if she wasn’t quite ready to act on it. He liked knowing that he stirred her up a little.

“So, this home of yours…” she said, her tone expectant. “It’s only yours. No one else lives there?”

He nodded, quite taken by her sweet perplexed look—very curious as to what intrigued her so. “It’s ours.”

She shot up, yanked the blankets off and headed for the door.

“Going somewhere?” Briggs laughed, pulled his legs off the bed to stand.

At the door, she glanced over her shoulder, smiled brightly. “Sure am. We’re going home.”

Ragan's Notes

  • Valor - Alpha of the Utah pack; Patriach of all Alphas
  • Isla - daughter of Valor; mated to Thor (Alpha of Texas); annoying as hell (but in a good way)
  • Dante - son of Valor
  • Briggs - Valor's Beta
  • Kydin - Guardian; Nexi's lover and fiance
  • Nexi - Guardian; part Witch; Magnus' mate; Kydin's love
  • Magnus - Lord of the Underworld

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