Seth (Cyborgs: More Than Machines #5)

“So if my choice was to become super robot man capable of keeping up with a gorgeous robo chick or living a mundane life alone? I chose you.” -Seth

Eve Langlais
Cyborgs: More Than Machines, book five
ebook, 244 pages
Published February 28th 2014 by Eve Langlais
ISBN 9781927459478

His mission: Blend in with the humans. Save the cyborgs. And seduce the only woman he ever loved, without getting killed.

Cybernetic spy models are different from other humans turned machine. For one thing, they never completely lost touch with their humanity, or their memories. But retaining their identity doesn’t mean the military didn’t mess with their lives. Seth lost the woman he loved because of their web of lies. When the chance arises to make things right, he relies on his superior intellect—and irresistible charm—to prove his innocence, and make Anastasia his again.

Anastasia might possess upgraded parts and programming, but the scientists never could cure her of her biggest weakness, jealousy. The volatile emotion made her walk away from love once. Can she overcome it and recognize the truth? Or will she continue to let the military manipulate her emotional strings?

Unlike the rest, Seth wasn't a doomed failure or reject of society. He signed on for the military. He excelled at it. And he chose to become more than a mere man. After that, the project did what they wanted with him, whether or not he agreed to it.

Seth's individual story began at the end of book three and runs concurrently with book four. Had I known what a disappointment Aramus was going to be, I would have skipped right into this, because this was just short of amazing.

Anastasia was a perfect compliment to Seth. They met back in their training days. She, doing all she could to prove herself while he... he did what he had to do to not show off and make enemies. He put himself in the middle of the rankings and helped his fellow soldiers when he could. Until he met her. And fell in love.

When Anastasia chose to upgrade herself, Seth followed along. Even back then, before even making it to second base, he couldn't bear to leave her. Oh, he's always been his smartass self, but the intelligence he possessed and his daring willingness to take risks took them both up the ladder. They became an undefeatable team.

Soon enough, even the military that trained them began to fear them and finally put into play a course that would tear them apart, turning one against the other.

Of all of the cyborgs, the government took the most from Seth. The lengths of which just about brought me to tears. They raped his wife while forcing him to watch. And they destroyed his marriage with their lies of betrayal and infidelity.

  • It didn’t entirely surprise him when Anastasia confronted him, gun in hand, tears streaming down her face, intent on killing him. And despite her not pulling the trigger, a part of him did die. It died because no matter how much he loved her, and she loved him—I know she did—the military had ruined it. Ruined them both. No longer were they in control of their lives, their destinies. Heck, Seth barely controlled his body or his mind. As for Anastasia? It was a wonder she didn’t immediately pull the trigger. He could tell her machine side warred with her human, urging her to obey and kill. Not wanting her to live with the guilt, he did the easy thing, and yet the hardest. He left. But it didn’t mean he stopped loving. He couldn’t help but dream and remember the girl with the bright eyes and spitfire attitude who’d climbed the wall. The woman he’d set off on an adventure with. The woman who’d stolen his heart, owned his soul, and without whom life lost meaning and color.

By the end of the book, the story comes full circle with that of book four's completion. Elsewhere, there is a new revolution led by a cyborg named Adam, where humans are rising up in support. And Adam? He just so happens to be Anastasia's ex-boyfriend. Sure enough, metal fists are going to fly. Jealousy is one emotion no cyborg handles well, and Seth is the deadliest of them all.

4 out of 5 stars.

*Note* Because Seth commands such a starring role in this series, I recommend reading books one through three before reading this one. It's not necessary, as each book stands alone, but will definitely give you the full effect of his character.

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