Sanctuary's Price

He's only been surviving.
Her magic can show him how to live.

The story of Dylan and Sasha.

We first met Dylan in book one as he saved Abigail from a bastard of an alpha. He soon became involved with Cindy, the Red Rock pack's doctor, so you can imagine my surprise to learn that book three, Sanctuary's Price, was his story. And that it revolved around he and another female, too.

Joe and Brynn's tale lacked the excitement that books one and three share. Actually Joe and Brynn are better background characters. They were great in this one.

Sasha is a witch's apprentice. But when her mentor is killed, and she herself is traumatized to the core by sadistic werewolves, she's not really feeling all safe and at home even in Red Rock.

As a favor to Gavin, and since Cindy and he are no longer clicking, Dylan helps comfort Sasha in her time of need. He's not one of the strong, but neither is he a weak wolf. Being mid-pack, he has the urge to protect without exuding scary vibes that Keith and Joe do.


I loved this one. It was way better than the second book, Sanctuary Lost, and actually better than the first too. Although I'd prefer Keith over Dylan. I like the badass beta. Even Joe's hard on for blowing up shit beats the midpack pup. But... book three's the best so far.

Oh, and doesn't the cover resemble Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prince Jr from like.. 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'?? That boy has a long neck!

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